Not Sure What's Going On

  1. fishes were wishes

    fishes were wishes Valued Member Member

    I had a fish die.. poor platy, a couple of weeks ago.. I treated the tank with prazi pro, thinking it was flukes. The other platy was looking really bloated for a while, but has slimmed down. Her gills are super red and gross looking. I've tested the water and it's all good. No nitrites or ammonia and only 5ppm nitrates.
    I did the treatment for the week just in case, cus I really don't want to lose my D.Gourami.
    Everything seemed to be ok, for a while. Excepting a nasty case of algae, which I fixed with a hydrogen peroxide bath on the infected plants and excel.
    I bought an air pump and airstone just in case, some shrimp to eat algae and have been keeping up with maintenance and water changes.
    Then two nights ago the power went out, all nights. The next day we found one of the shrimp on the floor near the door. Like six feet away! My daughter (who isn't even a year old) almost ate it. Today I came home to find a dead fry snarled in my java moss.
    I don't like my little critters dying.
    It seems from a general stance that everything should be ok, and all the tests I have seem to be in the green. A lot of weird circumstances have come up recently, but overall I do a lot of research about things before I act. Is there something I am overlooking? Did the power outage kill the fry? How did the shrimp escape?
  2. Caitlin86

    Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    R ur parameters still stable after the power outage? If the power outage caused a large temp fluctuation or an ammonia spike then that may be some thing to consider.
  3. OP
    fishes were wishes

    fishes were wishes Valued Member Member

    The weathers been so hot, I don't think it fluctuated too much, and the ammonia was zero after the fry died. I just tested it. the temperature of the waters been 78-80 which is a little warmer than I'd like but I have no cooling,

    Actually it's looking like 82 right now
  4. m

    minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Warmer temps means less oxygen in the water, keep running the airstone. Sometimes fry just get stuck.
  5. OP
    fishes were wishes

    fishes were wishes Valued Member Member

    working theoryL the power outage turned off all water movement which stressed the fry, when it got caught in the moss it was too exhausted to escape and died.

    I still don't know what happened to the shrimp though