Not sure if possible with this volume - dwarf hairgrass carpet without co2

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    Hello all, :;hi1

    I feel a little silly asking this question, but it's been a few years since I've last kept a serious planted tank. I used to be somewhat proficient in this sort of thing but I've been trying to come up with a logical answer in my head and it's not really happenin'. :) I just need to know if this is safe (for the fish) and/or reasonable to expect to happen.

    Here's the deal: I've got a 4 gallon (older) Finnex model currently housing one 3 year old betta named Senator Frank Underwater. He's blue and adorably cross with me at all times. His home is equipped with a florescent plant light, heater, and small HOB filter, He gets fruit flies once a week. I very much care for his well-being over any aesthetic desires of my own.

    However, I wish to carpet the substrate with some nice dwarf hair grass. Currently, the Senator has got generous amounts of java moss to sleep on - but my attempts to make it look nice and grassy have failed. I have a standard gravel substrate. I foolishly planted some root tabs at one point but it did very little except make some algae happy.

    My question has two parts: 1.) Is there a nice cheaper alternative substrate in which to plant the dwarf hairgrass? If not, that's fine but I would like to save a little on that.

    2.) Is it possible to grow dwarf hairgrass without CO2 injection? If not, I strongly doubt I will be able to realize my vision for such a small water volume, although to be fair Frank could probably breathe just fine at the surface. I have made DIY CO2 reactors before and I know I could make another one on a smaller scale for him.

    I really appreciate any help or suggestions either way! Thank you all! :;hug2 I also apologize if this subject has been touched on, I searched back a few pages and didn't find much on this particular topic.
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    Echo complete is a great substrate for all plants. As for growing without co2 I'm not sure it would carpet like you want

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