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  1. HappyKnitter

    HappyKnitter Valued Member Member

    Ok ,every morning I take out some blackworms from the covered container in the frig.. to give the bettas and sometimes the goldfish . But today I notice this plumb guy and it moves like an inch worm.. Anybody has any idia what it is ? Is it freind or foe ? I dont know if there is any more in my jar in the frig I will have to look.. They the worms are alive and so is the new guy.. he seems to have a sucker at the fat end . he holds on to the container .

  2. lorianne621

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    I have no idea what that might be, but I have to say that things like this are what I love about this hobby. I love the unexpected happening and then the shared research to find the answers... Can't wait until someone comes up with some answers for you. :D

    EDIT: I just searched the web for a while... yes I am very interested in what you found! I think it is a leach. From what I am finding out there, leaches are common in blackworm shipments. I can't find any photos or any good sites to direct you to. Maybe someone who really knows will come along to confirm. :D
  3. foxhill2

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    Sorry, I don't know what it is either but the way it moves reminds me of a leach...! I hope it's not -nasty things!
  4. lorianne621

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  5. OP

    HappyKnitter Valued Member Member

    Thanks guys... Ok I googled leaches it totally grossed me out. I think I dont want those in my tank .. Good thing I use a pippet to give one or two of the blackworms to the fish I dont dump it in. I will go back to the pet shop and tell them or ask them if this is a problem .

    Thanks lorianne621 I just looked at your link yep thats it.. its funny he must be hungry cause he cant grab on to the worms.. I rinse the worms every day . and put them in fresh filterd water. I looked at the little batch I have and I could not find another one.:shock:
  6. lorianne621

    lorianne621 Valued Member Member

    I found this very interesting. I guess they can and will attack your fish. I found in one thread that someone didn't realize they had leeches in the blackworms they bought until they saw one of their guppies swimming around with a leech attached to its tail. :jawdrop: I would freak out if this happened to me! She ended up having to break down the entire tank in order to get rid of them.
  7. OP

    HappyKnitter Valued Member Member

    I am glad that i put the worms in a seperate container before i feed them,. i rinse them a couple of times, then i have a small pippet to feed them. i am pretty sure none of those leaches went in my tank .
  8. OP

    HappyKnitter Valued Member Member

    I went to the Pet shop where I got the black worms and they said it was OK for the fish to eat them . But my concern was what it they don't eat them would they cause a problem and they said no.
  9. Slug

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    I'd kill it. Kill it with fire! Burn that evil thing! Ok a bit overreacting. Picture this though, fish don't eat it, falls to the bottom or the tank....harmless right? Next time you stick your hand in there to work or clean the tank it latches onto your arm and starts sucking away. No thanks!
  10. OP

    HappyKnitter Valued Member Member

    It is gone it was gone this morning . after I googled leaches it was
  11. Anders247

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    In my native tank I had a very large (4 in) leech and it was very entertaining. My leech never sucked on fish, this may be because older leeches do not have as large an appetite for blood, or that the fish were too small for it.
  12. lorianne621

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    From what I have read, there are different kinds of leeches. The most common kind that get in our tanks... and the one that gets in with the worms are a variety of FW turtle leech and it does suck blood and loves to go after amphibians, especially frogs and turtles. So if you have any frogs in your tank, they are probably in trouble.
    For that matter turtles are too. Though I have not heard of too many FW tanks that have turtles in them.

    They will hide under the rocks and bogwood in the tank and come out at night. If I remember correctly... I have no personal experience, I am only repeating what I have read in the past few days.

    I would not want them in my tank and would attempt to remove them if I could.

    I read that a good way to remove them from a a shipment of blackworms is to get two rectangle plastic containers that are slightly oversized, such as gladware. Pour the blackworms into one and add fresh filtered water, wait a few minutes then slowly pour the black worms to the other container. The leeches will be clinging to the sides of the first container. Remove with a paper towel and dispose as desired. Repeat as many times as needed to ensure complete removal of all leeches.

    Once all the leeches are removed you can feed without worry. There are also many threads out there on how to start your own breeding colony of blackworms. Then you never have to buy them from someone else again. If you have your own "clean" colony. You would have an endless supply of leech free blackworms. Wouldn't that be nice!
  13. C

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    One of those things rode into my tank on some snails, and no matter what search terms I used, I couldn't figure out what it was. It was so creepy! At the time, my tank was almost bare, just substrate and some floating plants. I first noticed it inching along the front glass. My first idea was maybe a planarian, but the skinny, pointy end leads, and even such a tiny creature, it doesn't let go for anything—I tried fishing it out with a net, and it wouldn't let go of the net, and I was terribly, terribly reluctant to use my bare hands. When I knocked it to the bottom of the tank from the glass, it struggled along, finding the sand difficult to navigate, and then I felt like slapping myself because the last thing I wanted was for the wormish thing to burrow into the sand—what a nightmare!
  14. petaddiction

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    Ew I never want to have to deal with one of those things. What did you do to get rid of it?

    You guys are making me itchy with these gross stories!

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  15. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I kept mine. (Actually it was a very large adult) Otherwise the babies will get sucked up by the filter.