Not cycling/no nitrates

  1. kaleyconniving Member Member

    Ok three months. I have had a 20 long tank set up and running for three months with 4 feeder guppies to help cycle and it's just not working. The dual filter I have on it was there for a month with no leeway so I pulled an additional biowheel from a pre established tank (no wait time, it didn't dry, nothing) and put on it to boost it a little, still nothing. My water changes haven't been very frequent for the fact my ammonia is staying at or below 0.25, my nitrites are zero, as well as my nitrates.. well I'll post a picture if you can tell anything is there. My ph is 7.4 if you need that. I have no idea what the hold up is, three months is awful. I have biosponge added to my filters as well, plain black gravel in the bottom and temperature at 75, anyone have any suggestions? Also a picture of the products I have used since the beginning.

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  2. kaleyconniving Member Member

    Also please do not throw me on a guilt trip about my feeders for cycling, I have not had any ammonia nor nitrite spikes, they seem pretty dern happy and one is pregnant, it's just not cycling enough for me to want to give them to my lfs and get the fish that I would like to keep (so to speak)

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  3. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    1. Check the expiration date on your test kit.
    2.Make sure you shake, bang on a desk, bottle #2 of the nitrate test, before using it.
    3. If your heavily planted, they may be absorbing all the nitrates produced.
    4. Buy a new test kit...
  4. k9z3boys Member Member

    wait a minute....heavily planted is why my nitrates are zero?!?
    that solves one mystery...

    is that ok or a bad thing?

    sorry to hijack your post kaley...
  5. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    good thing
    Nitrates need to be removed in some manner.
    Either through water changes or live plants absorbing/
  6. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you also. All of my numbers are good except I have no nitrates either. However I have a planted tank so maybe that's the problem?
  7. kaleyconniving Member Member

    My test kit expires February 2019.. and I have done the aggressive shaking of the bottles. And no my tank is not planted.

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  8. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    Take a sample to your lfs for them to test, to see if they get different results. There is no reason your tank shouldn't be cycled, but I do see one problem. The adding of the second filter was not a good idea, unless you plan to keep it permanently there. In adding the second filter, you are dividing your bacteria between the two of them. When you remove the second filter, your tank is no longer cycled and will have to go through a smaller cycle period.
  9. kaleyconniving Member Member

    I might have to do that, it's really odd. I mainly am trying to build up this one so that i can transfer bacteria, I figured if I get a good cycle going, if I remove only one filter to transfer into a new tank it won't do much harm and will be easier to boost a cycle that's already started, if I can get it started.. I don't plan on adding any more fish to it for a while, just planning on a new tank and don't want to wait forever, like this, but I understand where you're coming from I just don't think it will take that big of a hit if I don't add fish.

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  10. FiscCyning Member Member

    When an established, cycled tank shows no nitrates this can be because the plants absorb some nitrates for food - which is a good thing. In your case the lack of nitrates seems to come from your tank being uncycled (based off the test results you posted in your other thread). You have no nitrates because your tanks do not have the beneficial bacteria that convert ammonia into nitrites then nitrates. Not being cycled is a bad thing as it means your tank has to natural way to deal with ammonia levels from fish waste.