Not Cycling In The Time I Want't It To

Discussion in 'Red Devil Cichlid' started by CaptainAquatics, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Hello! I have been in the hobby for about 2 years now and I recently got a 29 gallon aquarium for one of my fish that was out growing his 10 gallon. I put already almost all my cycled media from the ten gallon into the 29 and it has been about a week (9 days). I kinda thought that maybe the tank would be cycled by now. Am I just being impatient or is something wrong. Here are the water parameters currently:
    PH: about 7.8 ppm
    NITRATE: 0 ppm
    NITRITE: 0 ppm
    AMMONIA: .50 ppm
    I am a little worried about that AMMONIA because yesterday it was .25 ppm! It just keeps going up! I have a live plant in there (Bought in one of those tub things so it is snail free) would that change anything? There are no fish and the filter had a bio-wheel so I floated the bio-wheel in the 10 gallon for a while hoping it would pick up some Beneficial Bacteria. Any feedback is appreciated! I just really wanna get my BP out of that 10 gallon and into his bigger home ASAP. I hate seeing him in a small tank (BTW the BP is a baby so he is about 4 inches, not to cramped). Thanks :)
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    What you are doing is very good, but to speed things up, I think you should actually take the fish's poop(because it is ammonia) and put it in thi new tank. Then you need to put a plant, or 2, or how ever many you want and put them in the tank. They help to get rid of ammonia and nitrates.
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    What if I put a rainbow shark in there? I wanna put one with my BP anyway. Would rainbow sharks fight with BP's or Lace catfish? I also wanna put lace catfish with my BP? Would lace cats, a BP, and some lace catfish get along? Also is putting a rainbow shark in there to start the cycling a good idea?
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    I don’t know about most of the fish you are talking about, but the rainbow shark will be peaceful for a few weeks so that it can develop a territory, than if anyone goes near it’s territory it will be 100% aggressive, even if they are going to get food that you drop in the tank.
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    ok, Thanks!
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    As for the adding some sort of fish to the tank to start the cycle do you think that is a good idea? I don't wanna lose whatever fish I put in there (I was thinking something like a clown pleco). Would that clown pleco be at risk if I did that?
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    Really, any fish is at risk. I would get an extremely hardy fish to put in their.
  9. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    You can add Seachem Stability to help speed up a cycle, but this process can take time.