Not a good morning


HI all! So I haven’t been feeling well for the past few days (since Thursday), fever of 101-103, constantly tired, stuffy nose, ect. Doctors said I had a ugly strain of flu. However that has meaned that I have basically done nothing with the fish (no feeding, water changes, haven’t even been down there), basically treating it like I was on vacation. This morning woke up with no fever, no stuffy nose, still tired but overall feeling much better and was exited to come down and feed the fish. First glance things seem fine but then I go around to each tank to inspect and the first thing I notice is my bichir who I have been growing out for almost a year now climbed out of the tank and had appeared to pass. He was very dried up however his eyes weren’t gone so I put him in some water, just in case but I’m not hopeful. Second thing I noticed is a lot of water on the floor originating from the 130. The water level had gotten low from evaporation so the pump was running air so I think that somehow made it overflow as I don’t see a constant leak or drip but as all fishkeepers do I am sure I will be looking around for an hour just in case. Why did I fishkeep again? Lol, still exited to do stuff later with them.


So sorry to hear that, sometimes these things happen. I kept shellies when I was younger and we had a power outage. When the power went on again one of the males got so spooked he managed to jump out of one of the holes in the glass meant for cords and when I came home it was too late. Really unfortunate.

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