Not a fish really, lol...Ghost Shrimp Breeding

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by newbie101, Apr 20, 2006.

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    As long as you have a male and a female, it should be easy. The female will carry pink eggs on its stomach when it is pregnant. When you see this, you should put the pregnant shrimp in a separate tank with some plants or rocks so that they can hide. Once the shrimp are born, you should take the mother out of the tank, so that it is just the babies. At this time you should feed the babies brine shrimp.
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    Getting the babies shouldn't be a problem, but raising them is. They're just so small, they're almost impossible to feed. You may have more success just letting them breed away in the tank, and letting the babies find their own food and see if any survive.
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    A little late but, try using a liquid formula to feed them.
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    Most ghost shrimp are brackish water critters, though there are a few FW species. If you have pregnant females, they carry the eggs until they hatch, but the fry will likely need brackish water to survive.
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    The ones we're talking about should be fw.
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    I think I bred a few ghost shrimp. I looked in my tank the other day and I say a really tiny shrimp and my female was no longer prego.
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    the tiny ones are sooooooooo cool my finacee has some they were like 20 cents ea at a lfs so she picked some up her population keeps dwindling but they are dirt cheap anyway lol

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    I'v gotten ghost shrimp to breed, only a few made it since they weren't in brackish water though. :-\
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    As long as a male and a female are in the same tank, breeding shouldn't be too tough. One of mine is preggo now and will hopefully soon have her babies. Don't have brackish water, though-thanks for the advice.