Not A Disease, But It's Just As Bad. (balloon Molly Not Gonna Make It.) Important

  1. Sea hamster Member Member

    So today in the morning, I caught glimpse of my Balloon Molly wedged between the tank glass, and a bamboo stalk. He was facing upwards and was breathing heavily. Naturally, I tugged the bamboo to free him, but now he was on the ground, not swimming and just breathing heavily.

    Tonight he was upside down, occasionally coming up to try to swim, only to lose control of his body and do full 360 spins. He is back on the ground and taking his last breaths.

    This is a warning towards the danger of keeping aquarium plants too close to the tank walls and risking fish getting stuck in them.

    RIP to Clark, the molly on my avatar.
  2. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    Oh no, I’m so sorry, did he pass?
  3. Sea hamster Member Member

    Yes, unfortunately he did.
  4. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    So sorry :(
  5. Sea hamster Member Member

    It's okay. It happened out of nowhere. At least Clark the molly (silly name) will always continue living in my profile pic.

    I am also curious if others have had similar experiences to mine.