Northeast Ohioans - Buckeyes


Here is a link to the club website.

I have belonged to the club for 3 years now. Never even knew it existed.
Sure "Glad" I joined.
"Great" group of members. Normally the club has monthly meetings and twice a year Auctions.
But, with the "Covid" issue, sadly they have been canceled.
But two weekends ago we did have a "Swap Meet" at the "Great Northern Mall" parking lot area. Social distancing and masks along with sanitizers and wipes. It was successful.
50+ members selling their fish and stuff, "Unbelievable Quality and Prices".
Hobbyist selling/buying from Hobbyist.

We even have members/sellers from other local Ohio clubs and surrounding states.
Anyway stop by the site and why not join.
Stay tuned!
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For current events and discussions here is a link to the Neofish FB home.

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