Noobie With Guppie Who Is Acting Like A Yuppie How Do I

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    I have been watching my husband for 2.5 months take care of our new tank buddies and I have finally mustered up the nerve to ask, HOW CAN I TELL IF MY GUPPIES ARE STRESSED? I know we should have figured this out by now but there is one female, in particular, that I just cannot seem to figure out.

    Here is the reason I ask. She is pregnant, but she has been pregnant for like EVER! No exaggeration. We purchased her about 1.5 months ago from a local shop and was pregnant within a week. I think that she may have come home that way. I don’t think it’s possible for them to get pregnant a deliver babies so quickly. Please correct me if I’m wrong! So, needless to say, she is a big’en! She was plump when we brought her home and I swear she is a hoarder! Maybe needs an intervention LOL... but honestly, I cannot tell when she is feeling off or stressed or any other term you can come up with other than sick. I don’t think she’s sick because... well, she doesn’t look or act sick. We lost a lot of fish because we were impatient but have learned quit a bit. However, she baffles me. Quite honestly, she leaves me a bit dumbfounded because she looks like she’s about to drop fry, I mean, boxed body and fry eyes beading through and then she just doesn’t. So maybe she is absorbing them or she’s not pregnant or I’m just coo-coo!

    A bit of her fry-delivery background: She dropped 17 fry about 2 weeks ago - maybe 2.5, I can’t remember too well, and 15 are thriving (she ate one; and another was eaten by our dwarf gourami) they were dropped in a breeder box, transferred to a completely separate cycled tank, and just this past week, we moved them to the 75gal - that’s how our blue dwarf gourami swiped one - so we moved him from the tank to the separate 2.5gal as the fry are still too small for his mouth - when he can behave himself {or the fry get a little bigger } we will post his bail! Until then, he will not pass go or collect $200 ‍♀️

    Anyhow, she is still pregnant, I can still see her belly is very large and this morning her Gravid spot was a bit lower and thicker and darker than the usual so she was transferred to the breeder box to hopefully deliver her babies without everyone else in the tank devouring them.

    Anyhow, she settles down near the bottom of the box as if she is preparing to deliver her babies, but then starts going crazy and starts swimming around as if she is playing in a stream. She loves to play in the tank stream BTW, so that why I have no idea if she’s stressed in the box or if she playing or what! I don’t want her to absorb her babies cause I really don’t want to buy more fish I would just rather she give them to me...‍♀️... she still appears pregnant but does not appear to be ready to drop any fry anymore.

    I hope most of this made sense. I do the fish watching and my husband does the fish keeping, so I really need to know what to look for in a stressed guppy. My husband have the science down, as far as all the science stuff goes. NitrAtes and nitrItes, filter, “insert words her that I have no clue about”.

    We have others and they don’t act like she does. We have a total of 5 Gravid/pregnant guppies and 4 males guppies; 1 common pleco, 3 nerites, 6 sterbi-cory’s, 5 neocaradina - 2 of which were just born also, 3 Amano, and 1 African dwarf frog, but she is, again, the only one who is unpredictable and unreadable. Any thoughts, ideas, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

    I have to mention that we did not intentionally breed of these little aqua-buddies. This is literally our first shot at keeping anything as a pet without hair, or having a hobby that my husband could not put WD-40 on, or that I couldn’t paint. They all just started multiplying
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    Welcome and thank you for the hysterical narrative! :^)

    Pictures would help us identify if there was anything wrong as would the “blah, blah, nitrates, blah, blah nitrites” and other science stuff.

    As for guppies, the joy and pain of them is they breed like crazy. You’ll end up with more fish than you know what to do with. LOL. Good luck!
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    Hello! I'm so sorry, I have nothing to add to this conversation. I just wanted to welcome you and tell you that your post is hilarious. I really do hope you find your answer as I am curious to know as well.
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    Thank you! I will check with my husband on the details and try to upload this photo. Fingers crossed...

    Here is one more

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope we can figure this out so both me and my fish don’t go crazy!

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    Update: the dark spot appears to have disolved . I have no idea what her deal is. And we don’t want to move her out of the breeder box just yet so we don’t stress her. Any thoughts on what to do?
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    From the photos, she looks normal. One thing on guppies, and this may upset a few people, but as they breed prolifically and you have just the one tank, I wouldn’t move the expecting mothers. A few fry will make it in the main tank. Otherwise you’re just asking for a case of MTS!

    MTS = Multiple Tank Syndrome
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    What the heck? I’ve never heard of that! Ok! I will talk to my husband and see what he says. Thanks !
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    Id take her out of the box, ive had some guppies do fine giving birth in it, some not so much. It prob is stressing her out. If she just dropped fry 2 weeks ago and shes preg again, she may not be ready to give birth yet. Just give the fry enough places to hide and ull end up with plenty of fish. Good luck!
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    Multiple tank syndrome is a people illness, not a fish one. ;) Where you get one tank, then get another and another and another.

    You'll start with your main tank, then move your guppies into a breeder tank.
    Then you'll start to want another tank for some other fish because why not? You've already got 2, whats a 3rd?
    Then you say, "Hey, how about if we start a ______ tank?" Because we already have 57 tanks...whats one more?
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    Ha! This is so funny! I think I have that already! I’m terrible. But I want to do a planted aquarium just because. However, I’m not ready. I do none of the work and my dear husband takes on all the pain. But thank you for that. I was confused.
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    We moved her out and she’s much better! So weird! She is actually being harassed again by the males so I think she may have vacancy. Thanks for the top of removing her from the box. I think she is one we will have to keep out of there to just do her own thing.
  12. JamieLuWell Known MemberMember

    Glad to help, all fishies are different! Im sure the males will always harass her. How many females and males do u have. I have to say, guppies are def one of my favs but the babies never stop coming! Lol
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    Thank you so much to everyone who replied! My girl delivered 7 more babies! But after reading about why she still looks like a heifer, i think she is storing and fertilizing as she pleases. The 2 week old batch of fry are mostly dark colored; blackish and grayish with only a few light spots. This new batch is very very light almost yellow in color and they look so much different than the first batch did when they were born. I have 4 males and 5 females. And who knows what the other 22 will grow up to be. But again, thank you all so much!
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    As long as plants are in the tank the fry are fine. They will hide box isn't really needed. Let them do things naturally. You may lose the occasional one or three, but I promise they wont be noticed in no time. Besides if any fry is eaten it is a natural act for fish.