Noisy submersible filter! Help

  1. Dark Sky Member Member

    I'm planning (hoping!) to finish getting my new tank set up tomorrow and the tenants moved in. I had been intending to use my backup submersible filter in this tank since a) it will be hidden behind lots of plants, and b) I have it on hand.

    I pulled it out tonight to get it running in my current tank so it's ready to pop straight into the new tank. I filled it with media I keep floating in my canister filter then fired it up. Boy is it NOISY!!!

    I remember it having a bit of a rattle when I last used it, maybe I've just been spoiled with a canister, but it seems really loud now. Does anyone have any tips on how to hush these things up? Perhaps it's due for a new impeller, or should I have lubricated edit before firing it up again? Ultimately, since this will be the goldfish tank, I'd like to get another canister, but I wouldn't be able to the LFS which sells them cheaply for another week or so, so what's my best stop-gap solutions? Thanks!
  2. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Noisy filters often mean impeller issues. Can you take it out and check to make sure no substrate or other tiny object has managed to find its way into the housing?
    Good luck, noisy filters drive me crazy and canisters do spoil us! :)
  3. Dark Sky Member Member

    Thanks for the idea, I did take the impeller out and give it all a quick blow clean before I recommissioned it. Ah well, looks like fate is forcing my hand to buy another canister...
  4. FishTank Maniacz Well Known Member Member

    One thing that you can try is put a dab of vaseline on the impeller shaft. I had the same problem as you on one of mine and it went from being noisy to absolutely silent.
  5. Dark Sky Member Member

    Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a go this morning!
  6. Dark Sky Member Member

    Problem solved, thanks!
  7. Dark Sky Member Member

    Well, it was solved, it's back again...

    I can't find replacement parts for this filter (Hailea BT700), even at the online stores who sell them, so I'm now tossing up: Buy a new submersible (probably an Aqua One for ease of finding parts) which will probably cost about $60, or just spend the bit extra and get another Nautilus 800 for $100...

    ...what would you do?