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Golden Fish

My tank at night. In the Red....
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wow - that's a cool effect. I like the effect that blue moon lights create too.


It's cool, but sorta scary hehe... when looking at the pic I expect to see some monster to peek out just enough for the light to show it then go back into the depths from where it came........ hehe


That's really cool, ive got a blue tank, heres a pic of it while it was still cycling... It really creates a nice effect, the red is great I must try get a red light!


how do you do that? do you change bulbs at night?


I do not know if this is what is being used here but there are plug-in LED lights in green, red, blue and white that fit in a small hub that suction cups to the back of your tank and plugs into the outlet. They are really neat and totally submersible. All kinds of effects can be made.

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Golden Fish

Here is what I used.

I have not tried the suction cup ones, I did not know they were submersible, way cool. These took about 20 minutes to install. Depending on your light fixture you may have to cut it to fit the lights. It is not the difficult if you got a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel. There are 4 screws holding the fixture to the frame. just take em out and cut the hole in the fixture. Watch out for the wires! They came with screws, Just cut the hole so you have a tight fit and you shouldn't need them. You will also need to cut a hole for the power cord in the Hood frame. You can link up to 3 of the lights off one power cord.
What I like about the Red one is the fish can't see it, they think it is dark so I can watch my Catfish come out to eat after dark. Also my Silver Dollar is a lot more active at night than the day. He looks Awesome in the red glow! Here are some pics of what it looks like installed on the light hood. There is a red one and a blue one. Hook em up to a timer with your Fluorescent light and you are one hooked up (lazy) fish keeper!


Wow, those tanks look really cool. (Golden Fish and kerryve)


That's pretty cool looking. Those bulbs are neat.

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