No Heater In Planted Tank?

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by StressIsKey, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. StressIsKeyNew MemberMember

    Is it okay to have no heater for my 10 gallon planted tank? Will it cause harm to them?

  2. LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    What kind of plants do you have in there?

    Any fish/shrimp?
  3. -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    If you have fish that don't need a heater or no fish/inverts, it'll be fine. Plants can tolerate a much wider range of temperatures than fish and other livestock (with a few exceptions of course)
  4. TwoHedWlfWell Known MemberMember

    As long as your room temperature stays within the comfortable range for the plants, then it should be fine.
  5. StressIsKeyNew MemberMember

    I have currently have no fish in there but will be getting some after i finish the cycle once i receive my heater and filter in the mail probably 2 weeks from now.
  6. StressIsKeyNew MemberMember

    My average temperature inside the house is 75-82 degrees.
    Is that okay?
  7. sassymommaWell Known MemberMember

    That's comfortable for most plants, yes
  8. clk89Fishlore VIPMember

    Does your temperature always stay the same or do you have seasons where it will be really cold, really hot, and so forth? You need to check the temp. of your water, not just the house. I personally always have a heater with tropical fish.
  9. sassymommaWell Known MemberMember

    OP has a heater coming in the mail, and no fish until the heater gets here and cycle finishes. They're only asking about plants, at the moment.

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