No clue what to do with new born fry

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    frogfan Well Known Member Member

    This is my first time having fry and i dont know what to do with them i have apple cider vinegar with the mother but dont see any vinegar eels in it, i dont know how to make green water or if it would even matter by the time it was ready and i dont have the time for bbs or microworms. I have flake food and frozen bloodworms .
    Also i cant feed them the 4-8 times daily thats recomended i work 12-18 hours a day. This batch was relativly unexpected i thought i had more time because none of the females were looking boxy or bloated i dont even have a tank set up or anything and it will be a week before i can go get a sterilite container to make them a fry tank

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  2. Coradee

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    Livebearer fry will do just fine on whatever you feed the parents, just crush or grind it very finely & feed small amounts 2-3 times a day