NJ - 57 gallon discus tank, 40 gallon CAD reef tank , qt tank sale

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    need to sell 3 fish tanks and stand:

    1. Reef tank: 39 gallon. its called C.A.D 39G tank + stand.. Lots of corals, 5 beautiful fish and other livestock. 150 metal halide light, moonlight, 2 T5 actinic light. AUTOMATIC water top off system, fan etc. Some rare type of australian blasto, neon buttons etc. Atleast 30 different corals + fan worm etc too! oh comes with portable protein skimmer, refugium area..

    2. 57 gallon discus tank. (its oceanic Illuminata) + stand. brand new to market and pretty popular now. u can check online for "oceanic Illuminata". Current Usa T5 light,
    has 5 discus. all about 4.5 to 5.5 inches. each originally worth 150 bucks. its Hans discus and discus madness discus. All in TOP condition

    3. 20 gallon quarantine tank and stand. pretty basic. but since i wont have any fish, i wont need quarantine tank either.

    besides those. look at attached pic of boxes of fish supplies.. chemi pure, to UNOPENED (still in factory seal) filters, python water changer, $50 fish trap, used phosphate reactor, phosban used 3 filters, filter media, lots of chemicals.. etc etc etc.. too many to list here.. I started this fish hobby last year.. and i do all expense from 1 credit card for fish and some cash expense.. Just credit card expense for these setup is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. obviously i would let go of these in fraction of that cost if u pick EVERYTHING up at once. check out pictures. for a year it had been my passion and pride.

    if u build this, it will cost u about 7500+ bucks. pick up everything and i will give u all for $2000 or best offer. u will have 2 awesome already set tanks. check out pics or just email me through my profile.

    u need to pick up from my place. You will get 3 setups and COMPLETE care needs for these tanks. all one shot. all real cheap.

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  2. neupane00Valued MemberMember

    here are some pics

    check out these pics

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  3. neupane00Valued MemberMember

    more pics

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