Nitrogen cycle and plants

  1. Aludar

    Aludar Valued Member Member

    So I plan to start my tank cycling this weekend after picking up the last few things I need. My question concerns that I plan to do the "Add and wait" method of fishless cycling and was wondering if the high ammonia and nitrite levels doing it this way will have any adverse affects on the plants and if I should just hold off on those until after it fully cycles. I understand that they would help a little in cycling but I don't plan on adding a lot to have any noticeable affect. Thoughts?
  2. Z

    Zed New Member Member

    Plants feed on ammonia and nitrites, so they should be fine. just make sure you provide a source of co2 during the day and enough light depending on the type of plant you go with.
  3. Grimund

    Grimund Well Known Member Member

    No adverse effect on plants. Primarily they feed on ammonium, ammonia, and some are primarily nitrates. Your beginner plants are pretty hardy and don't require any supplements to aid them