Nitrite Spike!!!


I checked the water today, and this time, the instant the Nitrite drops hit the water it automatically went to a purplish color before I shook it up! I couldn't tell how much Nitrite was there, because the color didn't match any of the shades real well......but I know it sure did spike! The ammonia level is down from 4-6ppm to 1ppm! That was fast! (Almost overnight)

YEAHHHH my tank is cycling!! Spartacus will be back in his home sooner than I thought, and he's pretty much all healed now.


That's good to hear. See nothing to be really worried about. Your tank was cycling all along. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer. Natalie


Cool, it sounded like you were cycling and I'm glad the nitrite spike has come along to confirm it. Best of luck when you get Spartacus back in his home.


Eskielvr - so pleased to here you tank is finally cycling - I hope this will make things much easier for you and Spartacus. Nothing like a happy ending!! ( Well, you are on your way, anyway!!) Val

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