Nitrite Not Dropping

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by brook.lyn, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Okay so I have posted about this a few times but my thread gets lost and then people stop replying, so I'm here again lol. But I have a 10 gallon I have been trying to cycle for almost 5 months.

    Yes, as you probably guessed, it's my first real aquarium (other than the 1 gallon I had for my poor brown plain female betta lol but I think we all had our mistakes with fish back then)

    And I have made mistake after dumb mistake, such as "rising off" my filter media under non dechlorinated tap water, dosing my tank to over 8ppm of ammonia, letting nitrates go sky high, constantly dosing ammonia scared of starving my bacteria, (I think you get it) but finally! I'm at the end. But being the impatient person I am, I need help.

    I'm where you dose, then wait 24 hours. I started my tank at 1ppm of ammonia, (actually it was above 8 but I fixed that so now I'm basing it off only 1ppm) and I'll dose that much overnight, but then 24 hours later (not exactly, I usually test when I get home from school vs I dose it at night) nitrite is at 1 - .50 ppm. Then I wait the next day, and after that nitrite is at .25-0. So I dose again, and then test the next day, etc. I've been doing this for weeks now and no progress.

    Only bacteria thing I use it pure ammonia in a bottle, from dr.tims but recently I did buy TSS+ (as explained below)

    I even bought a small bottle of TSS+ and dumped like most of it in there, (there's a little left on the bottom) and yet, it still didn't work. I dumped it in there a couple days ago so I don't know if it takes time to work, or what. My tank is stuck in the same place, please help!
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    Just dose ammonia and wait. don't wait until nitrites are zero until you dose again. just dose every day. how long are you cycling now? (current cycle)
    Do not use TSS etc. Just use ammonia and patience. 6-8 weeks is normal.
    Also what do you test with? Stripes or liquid test kit?
  3. CindiL

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    Hi, you actually are doing it right and don't want to dose ammonia daily or your nitrites get too high and then you end up in the never ending cycle of dosing ammonia and doing huge water changes to keep your nitrites from going sky high.

    What are your nitrates at? When was your last water change? If nitrates themselves get sky high you can slow down the process. I'd aim to keep them below 100 while cycling with water changes.

    What is the ph in your tank at and also the ph in your tap? Test these today and post.

    Add in the rest of the bottle of TSS+, did you shake it before adding it? You'll get there! You are close now. The nitrobacter/spira are slower to multiply then then the ammonia converters, nitrosonomas. Luckily TSS comes housed with a lot of the prior. Even with TSS its not instant so be patient a little while longer.
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    I'm no chemist, but I think the water you start with has a great deal of bearing on speed of cycle. I have started 5 tanks this month. Fishless, with starter guppies, one with goldfish. With and without airstones, different tank temps. No bacteria starter in any tanks. Results pretty much identical. Nitrites in about 48-72 hours, a few days later it processes ammonia quickly and nitrates get high. In about 21 days ammonia and nitrites drop to zero. After the first ammonia dose I go light on the ammonia. 1-2ppm seems sufficient to keep the cycle going. It's pretty easy to overdose and mess the cycle up.
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    I'm using liquid
  6. OP

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    Nitrates are at about 40 maybe lower and pH for both the tank and tap are about 7.6 or so
  7. CindiL

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    Ok, well it will catch up. The TSS+ should help, just give it more time.