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I have a tank which is 120gb litres it has been cycled for approx 2 months with fish in there for 1 month. There is no ammonia but slight levels of Nitrite and Nitrate, are these results ok or is there a way I can get the Nitrite level to 0.



Any Nitrite is toxic to fish. What are the levels at?
Some nitrates are okay, but it's good to keep them under 20!
To bring the Nitrite down, do a water change... I'll say 20 to 25%, others will say 50%... it depends on your situation and how high the nitrite levels are!
Let us know how many and what kinds of fish you have in the tank, and the latest readings for your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate!


Timesdragonfly is right, it's best to keep nitrate under 20, and - of course - even better if nitrate is as low as possible. If I had any nitrite in my tank, I'd perform 50% daily water changes until nitrite goes down to zero. Even smallest amounts of nitrite and ammonia can be deadly to fish, and the longer the fish are exposed to ammonia or nitrite, the more likely they are to get sick or die. Better not to take such chances in my opinion.
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Definitely do water changes and get the nitrites down! Somehow your tank is no longer cycled. They may not show it, but the nitrites are stressing your fish. You can also add amquel plus as your dechlor until the nitrites go back to zero. This will reduce the stress on your fish.

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