So I have somewhere between 40 and 80 ppm nitrate in my tap causing me big headaches. I have a 125 gallon tank that I that 30 gallons in per week. I have a 30 gallon container that I am going to start filling up with water and running a diy filter I built with nitrazorb size 6 in it. I will recharge it 3 times a week if I have to to get as low nitrates as possible before I add that water to the tank and start the process over. Has anyone had success with this stuff and how much could I expect it to lower the nitrates as this container will not have fish in it so nitrates will not be rising so all they can go is down.
Some people have success with it. I have nitrates go down while using this product, but it stopped working. I've recharged it many times but it stopped working. Don't know why.
Why add it to new water going in only vs adding it in a filter to the tank???

CindiL Has a great sticky on nitrate reducers in the aquarium water section.

Would be a good idea for you to have matrix or something like it as your bio....
I have matrix as my bio in both of my canisters. And it will be too much of a pain to get it out of my canister weekly to recharge. Plus my bioload is overly huge so if I can get the nitrates down in the water that I add to to the tank then after a few water changes my nitrates will be low amyway
Never had any luck with Matrix too. I've also had help from CindiL which told me that I would see good results with nitrates after a few months of keeping Matrix in the filter. I've had it in there for 5 months with no result.

Pothos, I believe are great nitrate reducers. They are easy to keep and don't need much lighting (just light from outside the window from the sun would do). Another thing I've success with is Brightwell's NitratR reducing media. It can be recharged 250 times and 250 ml of it can reduce 20 ppm in 50 gallons (if I remember correctly).
Somewhere between 40 and 80. The colors are too close for me to tell. I did a quick fix and got 50 gallons of water from work that is 5 ppm nitrate and got it down to around 25-30 but it has since went up. I am controlling it right kow as best I can, as long as the nitrazorb solution works ill be fine. But if that doesn't iwill be switching to ro water.
I would get an hob to put the nitrasorb in... get two bags to help with the recharge time at first. Instant ocean nitrate remover can be started at the same time... doesn't help to drop levels like the nitrasorb but it helps to keep them lower once they get there.
Also add more pothos and other floating plants... dwarf water lettuce, frogbit, red root floaters... anything floating is easier maintance then planted, and they tend to take up nitrates more quickly.
Also I would try to clean your canisters every three weeks minimum, you would be surprised at how much the gunk in there contributes to nitrates.
(I also have 30-40 nitrates in my tap, however between my plants and media when I do a wc I am actually raising ferts! My tanks drop down to 10-20 by weeks end... amazed that I now have to dose nitrogen!)
I think you have a good plan ... try the Nitra-Zorb, and if that doesn't work go to RO.

As far as matrix goes ... I have been using POND matrix for over two years in my canisters. Matrix is not adequate (imo) for what you want to do. It does work, but it requires a balanced bio-load and careful tweeking of the flow to hit the sweet spot. It's not for people with out of control nitrate problems - it does remove nitrates, but if your bio-load is producing nitrates faster than the matrix can remove it ... you won't notice much dif. I consider matrix to more of an "additional tool" than a "fix" for nitrates.
I started the nitrazorb experiment tuesday. I did 2 tests on my tap. One of straight tap and 1 that was 50-50 tap and spring water. The straight tap was 40-80 and the 50-50 was around 30 so I figured my tap around 60 give or take. I then filled up my waterchange container with 25-30 gallons of water and put the nitrazorb in my diy powerhead filter and let it run for 24 hours. It took the water all the way down to 5 ppm and ill be testing again today to see if it hit zero. Ill be adding that water to the tank today and starting the process over.
I'm doing something very similar with a 15 gallon container using a product called Nitrasafe. It takes about 3 days to absorb the 50ppm of Nitrate in my tap water.

I have a thread about it if you're interested...
My Nitrate Lowering Water Aging Barrel

I'm interested to see how often you need to recharge the Nitrazorb and how you go about it.

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