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  1. Damian19Valued MemberMember

    How can i lower my nitrate and keep it that way?
  2. funkman262Well Known MemberMember

    Weekly partial water changes. Plants also help to keep nitrates in check but pwc's are still recommended even when your nitrates are consistantly at zero.
  3. bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Water changes are the best and easiest way to lower your nitrates. I would test your nitrate before doing a water change, then test it again afterward. If it's still too high, remove a little more and test it again. Keep doing that until your numbers are where you want them (anywhere from 10-20 is generally considered safe).
  4. midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Some people have recently started threads on nitrate reducers/removers. Generally anaerobic bacteria do the job (in the wild/Real Life), but there are DIY jobs out there for the home aquarium. Seems like too much work for me though; I'll just do my weekly water changes.

    Edit: I'm also going to second planting the tank to keep nitrates low. :happy0034:
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  5. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Weekly water changes are the way to go. Even with a nitrate filter/reducer weekly water changes still need to be carried out. I'm not aware of any unit that is efficient enough to eliminate the need for water changes. No matter how you look at it weekly water changes need to be done. As well as lowering nitrate levels they also introduce minerals that are essential to the healthy growth of our fish & plants.