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Nitrate levels too high

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by CaitMott626, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. CaitMott626 New Member Member

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 2 gold fish in it. It has two Penguin Bio-wheel filters on it and a bubbler in the tank. About a month ago I noticed one goldfish was staying at the bottom on the tank a lot. He would eat but then just come back down after a while. So I tested the water and the Nitrites were really high. It turned out that my tap water had nitrites and nitrates in it. I went out and bought a few plants for the tank and the Nitrites are finally at 0 ppm. There only problem I have now is that the Nitrates are still high. They're at 80 ppm. My goldfish is still at the bottom of the tank but still eating. I've done water changes but nothing seems to bring it down. Im using Prime water conditioner.

  2. alink Well Known Member Member

    Goldfish seem to be a lot hardier when compared to tropical fish when it comes to water quality. I would not be too concerned about 80, if it was higher than that, yes. My dads goldfish and koi tanks arent even testable, guessing the readings are several hundred ppm.. and the fish seem fine. Though, I would not recommend that at all. Just using that as a point to say your nitrate level isnt what is causing the "odd behavior".

    As for the "odd behavior", goldfish are generally bottom dwellers. Staying at or near the bottom is normal for them, as they like to sift through the substrate in search of more food. I would be much more concerned if it was always hanging at the top of the tank.

    Is it just sitting at the bottom motionless? Is it swimming the right way, or on its side or anything that wouldnt be considered normal?

    Lastly, 2 goldfish in a 30 gallon tank would be considered overstocked. Unless they are Fancy Goldfish, they shouldn't even be in a tank, unless it is a very large one. If they are fancy goldfish, 2 could go in a 55 (4 foot long).
  3. oOBlueOo Well Known Member Member

    You may have to use RO water if your tap water is bad. I mix with my tap water 80/20.

    What kind of goldfish are they? Could there be any dead plant material hiding somewhere?
  4. CaitMott626 New Member Member

    Yea they are common goldfish. I got them 4 years ago. I'd give them to somebody with a pond but i do not know anyone that I could give them too. But he's pretty much just staying at the bottom and looking like he's stressed. Then every once in a while I'll noticed he rushes up to the surface for air. It's definitely not normal for him. The other goldfish seems fine.
  5. CaitMott626 New Member Member

    No dead plant matter :\ I just recently bought the plants and I just vacuumed the gravel pretty good so I don't think that is the problem :[