Nitrate Levels And Cleaning Filter Media

  1. SSJ

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    I may be blocked for asking so many questions
    45 Gal tank, guppies and tetras. Two filtets running, canister and internal filter.
    Question: its a two month old tank with the filter running since 1.5 months. Do i need to clean the media to get rid of nitrates? My nitrites are 0 and ammonia 0-0.25. dont have a nitrate test kit.
  2. Agrivoi1

    Agrivoi1 New Member Member

    No, however, if you wanted to start a new tank, you can take your already established media amd place it in the new filter to help establish the new tank quicker.
  3. Mom2some

    Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    The nitrates are in the water, not in the filter. You clean the filter to remove mechanical debris and allow good water flow. You remove nitrates by doing water changes.
  4. C

    Cardeater Valued Member Member

    Some people let too much debris build up in the filters due to lac maintenance so they add to the nitrate load in that way. If they cleaned out the rotting food etc in the filter there would be less nitrates from there being less stuff decaying.

    It's also good to clean under rocks and decorations to remove more decaying material.