Nipped Tail


I bought 4 tiger barbs and 4 green barbs, but one of my tiger barb is a little bigger than the others, not by alot. But since my bigger TB nipped the tail of one my smaller TB, he just stopped interacting with other and just sitting on the corner by himself, Im thinking about getting a breeder box and put him there til hes better or should I just leave him for now?(they stopped bothering him, so I think hes good for now) Thanks
ps. I got a 36 gallon tank with a couple of rock decor and will be adding a center piece driftwood soon


Sounds like typical Tiger Barb behavior. The poor little guy is probably at the bottom of the hierarchy.
Things will likely calm down a bit once the community settles in. Unless its a severe case, the nipped tail fin will heal.


After months of well behaving tiger barbs, I recently had a pecking order shuffle and a similar occurrence.
It also coincided with a slight tank rearrangement which opened up some space in the tank.
Do you have a lot of plants. Plants provide hiding spots so those at the bottom of the pecking order can hide and feel safe and less stressed.

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