Night Time Eaters Question

  1. wolf1021 Member Member

    So I have currently 1 rainbow shark and 1 pleco and I doo drop algae wafers to the bottom for the night before I go to bed but how do I know they eat it ( I love my shark and do not wanna see him die or go belly up.)
  2. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    As long as there pooping there eating. As long as you don't see them getting thin there good. You could also peek in on them at night with your cell phone light.
  3. wolf1021 Member Member

    k thanks and I know this is off topic but is there anything that eats hair algae?
  4. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    They say SAEs or flying foxes do. I tried them they don't. The only thing I found that actually eats hair algae are ramshorn snails. I must warn you they will breed and breed and if you don't have fish that will eat there eggs or babies they will take over your tank. That's why they call them pest snails.
  5. wolf1021 Member Member

    k thanks for the info