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In the middle of december I purchased a nicrew led light for my just planted amazon swords in my 29 gallon, and the growth was explosive. I'm talking growing over a foot in three weeks without ferts or tabs. I bought 3 little amazon swords, about 6 inches each with 3-4 leaves, and now, two months later I have about 8, 1.5 foot tall plants due to some of them producing so many runners. About two weeks ago I added flourish tabs because of there growth. Why are they growing so fast? I'm not complaining, I love it, but I thought the nicrew led was proven to be low light, and that swords needed medium to high light to grow this fast. I don't use co2 and the substrate is black diamond blasting sand. I have the lights on for 10-12 hours. No algae.
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Heres what it looks like.


Florence "Lucky You"
Looking Good!
Congrats! Appears you have a "Good" balance going on. Post the info/specs on the light, inhabitants, water parameters and tank maint., might help others that are struggling. I tried Nicrew awhile back, I had decent growth but I did not care for the color temp. (too much yellow).
Welcome to the world of "Underwater Gardening" and continued success.
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29 Gallon
Lighting: Nicrew Led. 10-12 hours.
Substrate: Black diamond blasting sand
pH: 7.4
Amm: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Stocking: At the moment, 5 peppered corys
Filter: Sun Sun cannister rated for 60 gallons.
Temp: 78 day - 76 night
Food: Omega one algae wafers and color pellets.
Seachem flourish root tabs, 6 total.
6 amazon swords, one jungle val, and one val of the american variety I believe
20% water change every other week.
My tap pH is a lot higher than my tanks so I try to minimize the impact by doing smaller and fewer changes.
I clean out the cannister every two months just to remove the biggest waste build up.
Tank was jumpstarted using pre established media from one of my other tanks.

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