Nicrew Brightled Aquarium Light

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  1. JamieXPXPWell Known MemberMember

    i have a light by nicrew on my 5.5g betta tank and i love it, so i got this light for my new 20g because my old lights were too dim for me. these LED lights are amazing! they are so bright and literally light up the entire aquarium perfectly despite not fitting perfectly on the tank, its just slightly too short. its 20 inches and my tank is 24 inches. it does come with legs but they dont fit the rim of the tank well enough for me to use. so its currently just sitting on the hood.

    its made of aluminum instead of plastic so it can take a bit more abuse and isnt water proof but does have a cover over the leds to help protect the lights. there are 38 white leds and 4 blue led.

    the specks are;
    18 watts

    it looks very natural and doesnt wash out your fish.
    it hasnt stressed out any my fish and made their colours look beautiful. they actually became more active after i installed this light. it is made for planted tanks but havent had them long enough to see any difference but the specks are good for plants. i will have to wait a few weeks to see how my plants do but so far i do love this light.

    it was a little expensive but not overly on amazon it was 39.99, so it is still affordable. right now i give a 5/5 but will change it depending on how well it grows my plants!

    here is a picture of the tank with my old florescent lights so you can really see the difference it made lol
  2. kallililly1973Well Known MemberMember

    I agree about the nicrew they are decent lights I have that same one on my 10 gallon and plants do very well with it

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  3. grump299Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks for the review i have been watching that light for my 75 just want sure about the brightness.. your tank looks amazing with the new lights nice and bright
  4. grump299Well Known MemberMember

    JamieXPXP@ thanks again for the review on the nicrew led I got mine yesterday and it was amazing I like them so much makes the tank pop.

    Here is some pictures with the new lights sorry my iPad don’t take the best pictures
  5. JamieXPXPWell Known MemberMember

    no problem im glad it helped you out! it definitely makes everything pop while giving off a natural look. i hate lights with a weird tint to them. your tank looks really good with the new lights! very clean and bright.
  6. grump299Well Known MemberMember

    Thank you I hope it looks good the amount of time I spend working on it lol. Your tank looks great too with the new lights. I am specially impressed with the shimmer it gives to my tank now I couldn’t get with my old light.