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Please take the time to Welcome new members to our fabulous site

Giving out advice and information is very important, but just jumping in with advice, good or bad, can be intimidating to some new members. Especially when their wants and needs are not what we agree with.

We all started off with allot of misguided information at one time, and just advising what's not right to a new member, can make them feel attacked

Thank you All for making the forum a place that we ALL can feel comfortable with and for all the friendships we make daily
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Just a friendly reminder everyone. Lately there have been a rash of posts where it appears new members are being made to feel bad for starting off on the wrong foot.

Remember we were all new to the hobby at some time and made our fair share of mistakes.
Many of us still do.
When replying please keep this in mind and be NICE!

Along with your wonderful advice, please take the time to say hello and welcome our new members.

Often times people join because they are having issues with their tank/fish.
Feeling welcome can go a long way as to how advice is accepted (or rejected).

Thank you!

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Sadly I think it’s time for another reminder.
Please, before jumping straight in with any advice, just take a moment to welcome a new member, it’s very off putting for their first post to be responded to with ’your tank isn’t big enough’ or ‘rehome your fish’ etc

Edit to this: please also remember manners when asking for information rather than just demanding it, please is only 6 letters to type & is much friendlier

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