Next Step For Plants?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Fshloover, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Back story:
    I have a planted 5 gallon tank that I set up almost a year ago. The only fish in there is a pea puffer. When it was my first fully planted tank. After I got the pea puffer I think a month after I got the tank I shifted my attention from the plants to the pea puffer because he wasn’t eating. So now quite a few months later the pea puffer is great at eating and is always out and about greeting me when I’m near the tank.

    The plant seem to be living but no growing much.
    I’m planning on going to the store and buying some more plants. But I’m wondering if I should invest in a co2 thingy. Is it worth it? Whatcha is a good one that would work with my tank

    I also put a new light on it today.
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    for a 5 gallon i would just invest in a bottle of thrive c and give it a squirt once or twice a week after your WC's and after you put some new plants or try to bring the existing ones back to life with some thrive c
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    What lights are you using. I wouldnt buy pressurized co2 for a 5g diy is easy and should work well enoigh for you tank.
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    I’m also wondering if some shrimp would do well in my setup. My little puffer isn’t aggressive at all. I dont think he would go after them. He is scared of everything.