Next new occupants for 36 gallon.

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    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    So my 36 gallon has been up since 4/18. It's been off to a rocky start as I've made some rookie mistakes but current stock and plants are finally growing and doing well.

    Current stock: 6 ember tetras, 6 corydoras habrosus

    To be added in two weeks after finishing quarantine: 9 more ember tetras, 3 male endlers, 2 mystery snails, 6 bumblebee nerite snails, and 4 zebra nerite snails.

    Now I'm getting ready to get my next batch in quarantine! Whoop!

    Already sprung for the teensiest baby bristlenose pleco and...currently thinking of ordering:

    40 shrimp in yellow or blue still torn between the two
    3 juvenile bamboo shrimp
    2 juvenile vampire shrimp
    6 juvenile forktail rainbowfish

    Thinking that will really boost the colors and activity in my tank! What do you guys think?

  2. Plecomaker

    Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Do you already have driftwood?

    i like the idea Of a big tank for littl guys :)

  3. OP

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    I've got a small piece of cholla and a tree made of spider wood and flame moss in there. Might order some more cholla wood i like how it has little holes for shrimp and microfish to hide in.