Next Fish Question

Discussion in 'American Cichlid Photos' started by cpgarry, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. cpgarry

    cpgarry New Member Member

    Should my next fish be a firemouth or electric blue jack Dempsey?
  2. puffer boi

    puffer boi Well Known Member Member

    how big is the tank what are the other tankmates.
  3. OP

    cpgarry New Member Member

    The tank is 125 ltr and I have a dovii, Texas, rainbow shark, bristle nose plec and 2 convicts but all are small biggest being dovii at around 3 inchs
  4. cichlid4life

    cichlid4life Well Known Member Member

    which one has the least bio load and grow the least is my opinion.
  5. Sassonic

    Sassonic Valued Member Member

    What did you decide on? An EBJD is one of the more expensive fish, and when you get them small the survival rate is very low, I have great water conditions and I'm 0/4 trying to grow them out.

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