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    Well i have been popping in and out of the forum like any other day but today while I was here in the morning my wife was getting an ultrasound done. I decided to stay here with the kids and thinking that everything was going to be ok. It was weird my wife was taking forever over there so I text her and She replied She was just leaving the place(is 11am) I was like why so long? She replied I got some serious news. :;sh She won't tell me over the phone so all kinds of things are crossing my head. She got home and She said well there's 2 things. I'm like... what? Well there's a chance that the baby need to get a surgery to fix his foot. Ok no big deal I had the same surgery 30 some years ago.(club foot) and then She goes well the lady said there's a chance he has Edwards Syndrome. I'm like what is that? She explains and I'm like ok all his organs are good so why the lady said that? well his head got a weird shape. :( Like what shape? I said. Well the back of the head is fine and the sides until it gets to the temples it goes inwards and looks smaller from there on. So ok he's got a funny shape head that's it. She said they don't know if he could pass the second trimester if he's got that illness. :;fru It sounds like another rollercoaster. :(
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    Oh Riv! :-\
    Can they do some kind of test since there seems to be an IF attached?
    Please know you're family and baby are in my prayers.
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    They said they can do take some fluid and test it but doing the test may trigger an early labor.
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    Can I suggest to you, Riv, that you guys consider consulting a maternal-fetal specialist. We went through rough pregnancies, and had a superb specialist who took the time to explain everything to us and all options. My son ended up being born healthy, thank God, but we weren't sure for a while.

    Good luck - I know exactly how stressful this is. *hug*
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    In addition to explaining options and risks, etc. to us, these doctors are the cream of the crop - they have top of the line equipment that regular Ob-gyns rarely have. Their special, high-powered ultrasounds can see things better than regular ones.

    as far as the amnio, we chose not to have it because of the risk, but I can tell you that the specialists are very experienced in performing them. I know mine had better stats on amnios than the lab my regular OB would've sent me to.
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    I just want to think he just got a funny shape head. There's way too much stuff in our lives right now to have something like this to happen. I'm to the point I want to sell all my tanks and fish and just stay on a chair all day long.
    Thanks Meenu but this is the specialist that told us this. We have to get ultrasounds there every time my wife is prego because of my club foot and my sister in law problem with her mouth.
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    Oh riv. Im so sorry to hear this. I will keep the 3 of you in my thoughts. My best wishes go out to you and your family. :;group
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    You all are in my thoughts and prayers! Please keep us posted:;hug2
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    Im sorry to hear about this, I will be thinking of your family.
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    This could very well be true, so that's what we'll hope :)
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    Wow I hope every thing turns out okay you and your family are in my prayers :;group
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    :;group:;group:;group:;group:;group Never under estimate the impossible :;group:;group:;group:;group:;group

    You will be in my prayers......
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    You're family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I know how stressful it can be to have complications during pregnancy. I was informed at 13 that I would never have children, but somehow managed to get pregnant at 29. I had many, many complications starting with pre-term labor at only 20 weeks, ultrasounds every month, gestational diabetes, etc. And, if that wasn't enough the baby had malformed hips and a lung disorder. I was told by the specialists that the baby would never live. Needless to say, my husband and I were heartbroken.

    Somehow, I managed to stay pregnant until 34 weeks. And, the baby lived! The pediatric docs said that my daughter would never walk due to her hip deformity.

    Well, with all that bad news, my daughter has beaten all the expectations of her docs. Today, she is 18 years old! Further, she is able to walk, although her hips are weak. Her biggest complication is that she has arthritis. And, we consider that a blessing with all the negativity surrounding her beginnings.

    I hope, and pray, that your child will be healthy and able to overcome all the adversity. Doctors definitely do not know everything.
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    Best wishes Navy!
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    My deepest thanks to all for your wonderful support. We are hoping for the best and if anything is true, well is our son and love him equal to any of our kids. Thanks again. :;group