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I recently purchased a used 200 gallon set-up. I am in the process of adding fish (the tank has already been cycled) and so far I have 3 blue damsels that came with the tank (rather peaceful for damsels), one clown, a pajama cardinal, sailfin tang, pearlscale butterfly, a brittle star, along with several crabs and shrimp. I have several questions as this is my first saltwater tank. I plan on starting out fish only and some day work my way up to a reef. I do not have any live rock as of now, but I do have plenty of lace rock. The system I have is all Oceanic with an Oceanic trickle filter model 250 plus series along with a plus series protein skimmer model 6. I tried to find info on these online and was unsuccessful. If anyone has any info on either, or where to find info, I would love to hear it.
My main question is on the skimmer. I know little about skimmers and was hoping someone could help me out. It does produce some foam, but not enough to get into the collection cup. The water does not go up into the center cone above the water level in the sump. The foam never gets above the cone to enter the cup. There is a spout coming off the side of the skimmer and if I plug it, water will fill the cone and overflow into the cup. When I first received the tank, there was an air tube coming of of the skimmer with a twist knob on it. I took of the knob and hooked up an air pump and then it started to foam. Is this the correct way to run it? I could only see one hookup for an air tube, one for the pump that is in the sump, and one outlet spout on the side.
The other problem I have is, the wife came home with a powder blue tang to add to the tank last night. I realize that it is not advisable to have more than one tang to a tank. I thought that since it is a larger tank that I could get away with it, and told her we could try it. Immediately the Powder Blue started chasing the Sailfin and the Butterfly. He is not nipping much and the Sailfin fares better than the Butterfly. Will this calm down after some time or get worse? Does anyone have any experience with adding more than one tang to a tank? I love tangs, especially the Naso and Blue. Do you think it is possible (if the Powder Blue does not work out) that I could later add a Naso or Blue as they seem more peaceful?
I apologize for the length of the post, and thank you for the info.


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Salty welcome to FishLore!!! As you can see we are just starting our saltwater forums so we look forward to seeing more of you.
Your right in that it's advisable to only have one tang in the tank. Sometimes in a large two will tolerate each other but they need to be added at the same time.
Some of your fish are going to get really large, could your tank be overstocked?
I don't know the answer to your skimmer question. sorry


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I do not know what is wrong with your skimmer but you could always get a new one for around $150 for a 200G if you find a good deal... If you have 2 tangs you might get some fighting but I would think in a tank that big it will stop... Do you have places the tangs can hide from each other? like live rock caves or corals and such that would make sufficient place to get away

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