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    Hey peeps

    First I want to say thanks to Emma for the warm welcome..

    Sooo now that I got that out of the way,I need to get down to

    I sort of got pushed into the Hobby,by my lovly sister and my more loveable son.He decidet to have a Tank for his birthday so aunti went out and got it......
    Me,had No clue what I got myself in...
    Anyway  a couple of weeks later I'am stucked with the Tank and the maintenance.To make a long Story Short,I think I stardet ON the wrong side.We Set up the Tank went to the LFS got some Neons for cycling( I know mistake they Are not hardy fish) and yes they did not survive the First week)..Count the lost and moved ON....
    My dear Hubby bought some Platties(5,since they Are schooling fish)mistake number 2 U chould Check Ur water....One Female is still around and with her the lil Baby's......I Don't know what happened but she had some,and then about 2 weeks later she had some more..Now keep in mind that all the other platties did not survive.....
    Well,this was art because I always thought U need a male and a female to get fry??????
    So After many Trips back to my LFS my amonia is still very high,and After asking what I should do about it,they told me nothing,just let it Run his cycle.........So now WE get to the confused Point,After what I read ON this side and many others,I should do partial  water changes to get the amonia down,but the LFS keeps telling me not too,because it will only prolong the cycling  Part???????
    I already put in a Order for the Test Kid Ya'll recommendet,and I think I ditch the LFS and try some of  the remedies ON here..
    I really like the Tank but I want Happy healthy fish...
    So what I gatherd around here I need Test numbers for ya'll to help me out ON this..I will provide the Test Info As soonest I get the kit..
    I think in the mean time,I just keep checking the amonia,and do the water changes As needet...
    Oh and one last thing,mom and baby's looking good and doing fine...

    Now one last thing (I promise) :)
    I'am german so please bare with me on the English part

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    yay go germany!!! its another obsession of mine, along with the kuhli loaches lol
    im going to learn german not spanish for my language requirement in school, like german a lot better... ;D
  3. OP

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    I had to do a Googgle on the Kuhlis,thats just to let ya know how much I don't know,about the diffrent fishys...
    They are very cool looking,but I think I would freak out my Hubby,he is scared shitless of snake look a likes..
    Thumps up to you on the German,people always tell me it's a hard language to learn..
  4. Gunnie

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    Hey Tootie, welcome to FishLore! It sounds like you are on the right track! Don't let the ammonia level go above 2.0 and keep the nitrites below 1.0. Your fish may not survive, but at least you now know what is going on in the tank. How big is the tank? It's so great to have you here asking questions! I absolutely love Germany! I've been there twice, and had a great time! I would go back in a heartbeat!
  5. OP

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    OK here are my tank stats.
    It's a 12g eclipse system with biowheel and carpon filter

    Right now I have 1 adult female platy 2 teen platys and 7 toddler's.......and 1 algae eater.....

    I did a 50% water change today,and I tested for ammonia a lil after and it was still very high.I have the ammonia test kid from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals...I ditched the strips....According to the color chart it was somewhere between 1.0-2.0..
    So I will do another water change tomorrow...Does that sound about right???

    Hey Gunni,I hear u on the* would go back in a heart beat part*........Me too :)

    And yes I will ask alot of question...sooo if ya'll ever get tired of me,just tell me to hush

  6. Gunnie

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    Yep. Keep up the water changes. I had high ammonia in my oscar tank, and was doing twice daily water changes until the crisis was over. Keep it up! ;)
  7. newbie101

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    thats why i like them! i love snakes...and so i like kuhli loaches a lot as everyone here knows.... ;D ;D
  8. Butterfly

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    Welcome to FiahLore!!!!!!!! We love questions ;D
  9. newbie101

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    did you forget to spellcheck butterfly? naughty naughty!
    :D lol :D
  10. OP

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    Oh,Dang.....Spell Check!!!!
    What a great tool,for me anyway's....

    OK,I'm still working on the ammonia,I did a 50% waterchange on Sunday,another 25% this morning and it looks like we are somewhere between 0.50-0.25...So,thats a good thing..
    And on top of that,I put the fishy's on a lil diet..It's hard for me though,they always look so hungry........maybe later,I will drop a few Bloodworms to make it easier on me ;)...

  11. Butterfly

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    Spell check :-[ yes I forgot :eek:
  12. newbie101

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    lol ;D we all make mistakes :D hee hee