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    hey guys whats up? new to the forum but not new to having father used to breed fish and had a number of tanks...i remember when i was a kid he had one in the wall in our living room but hes sick and unable to help me out with this hobby...i have a 5 gallon tank now with 2 tetra's,one orange molly,one rainbow something? and another tetra with a black stripe that too many fish for the size of the tank? i plan on gettin a bigger tank maybe a 25 gallon...thank you
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    I think the rule is one inch of fish per gallon. I think that means fish that don't grow any bigger than one inch.

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  3. OP

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    thank you..i cant wait to get started on my next tank and get some colorful fish...
  4. Janmitch22

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    You can have fish that grow longer than an inch...just take that into account when you're calculating the inch of fish per gallon of water thing.  If we go by that, your five-gallon is overloaded.
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    Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! Yep, your tank is way overstocked. My suggestion would be to put your fish in your newer bigger tank along with some new ones, and to make the 5 gallon a quarantine/hospital tank, or just put 1 betta in it. Your 25 gallon will be great for those fish in the 5 gallon. Most of your fish do much better with others of their own species, and adding more of them would be an awesome tank. You need to identify what species your tetras and your rainbow are though. Once you know for sure, then you might want to also consider trading one or more of them in for other fish that hang out at different levels in the tank. It appears that all the fish you have now probably swim mostly in the middle of the tank which can get crowded if you add more of the same to the tank. Cory cats are great for the bottom of the tank and will eat the leftover food that falls to the bottom. Loaches are also very cool, but you really have to research them because they come in so many different sizes and aggression levels. I love my yo yo loaches. They bring a lot of activity to the tank. A female betta might be a good choice for the top level of your 25 gal. depending on the tetras you have. ;)

    Also, you need to make sure you understand the nitrogen cycle or your fish will stay sick or die. Here's a link to some articles here on FishLore to help you:
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    thanks alot again still learning, getting a new tank soon just wanted to start out with something small for now...i have all the test kits,heater thanks again guys