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  1. Joel2036

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    Hey everyone ! I have seen a few people with the mini sw aquariums and a few with a single clown fish in a 15g,
    I currently have a spare 50g and a 18g ready to use and I have wanted a sw tank for so long and I think it's time I start researching

    I know bigger is always better but I do not have any room for the 50 g but just enough room for the 18g

    Would the 18 be too hard to get cycled and get things perfect ? Have you tried it before ?
    And would a single or pair of clown fish be on in 18g ?
    And just wondering if you had a rough idea of how much it could cost ?
    Thank you !
  2. Eli The Fish Man

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    I have a 15g that has 20 pounds, and of live rock in it 10 pounds of live rock. I had a chocolate chip starfish, royal dotty back and blue devil damsel in it. They all are good and healthy.except that the chocolate chip starfish was killed by a bad anemone. It costed 20.00$ for the live sand at petco, and depending on where you get the live rock it can be 20 to 100$

    Its is about a year or two old now
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  3. monkeypie102

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    I am still researching ALOT and I am setting up a 29g for my saltwater... Ryanr, Jessi, and Rogue (in no particular order) should be able to help you with any and all questions! Anyways as for cost here is a list of what I am getting for my 29 and since your getting an 18 I would think this list could apply to you as well :)


    protein Skimmer

    power heads

    RO/DI unit

    Then I am getting a bucket or instant ocean salt mix from my petsmart, live rock from my lfs, and agarognite sand from my petsmart... including the tank, heater, lighting, and hob paid for already I am paying out between $350-400 the price may go up when I find out how much the live rock is at my lfs :)

    From what i have read it is about 1-1.5 lbs of LR per gallon and 1lbs of sand (try to avoid any silica based sands though like play sand and pfs)

    Also what i have read two clows would put you at stocked for that tank :) and if you plan to have corals I think having a chocolate chip starfish is a no no, once again if I read right
  4. ryanr

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    If you're in Melbourne, I can recommend a few good marine LFS.

    Doh! The 50 would make a great tank.

    I have never tried a nano. Hard to cycle? I don't think so, the same principles apply. Hard to keep stable? Maybe a little, depending on the equipment you choose to run. Your biggest 'threats' are salinity and temperature swings. Salinity will change as water evaporates, temperature can swing with lighting, ambient temperatures etc. The bigger the volume of water, the longer it takes to change the temperature. And the smaller the volume, the more impact evaporation has on salinity.

    A single clown would be fine, a pair is pushing it IMO. Yes, as you've seen, many people keep a pair in 15G, but I don't agree with this. I think they need a minimum 30G. That said, when I look at my 20G (FW), I think my clowns would be ok in it if they were the only fish. What are the dimensions of your 18G (and is it 18G UK [imperial] or is it a 20G US?)

    It really depends, are you going to try a mini-reef, or a FOWLR?
    Nano tanks typically end up costing more than a larger tank in equipment. E.g. it might need a chiller, but a big tank may not.
    The general rule of thumb (for a reef) is about $1000 (AUD) per foot of tank to do it properly with proper lighting, and quality equipment. That includes purchase of the tank, lights, skimmer, sump, stand, pumps, powerheads, heater(s) etc.
    Note: You do not need to use a sump, but they certainly have their advantages.

    For some extra reading, you might enjoy:

    and there are other stickies to be found in the SW Beginners forum:

    Oh - and don't look at US pricing, you'll only get depressed ;) I can recommend a good online shop though (probably saved me $1000 vs local shops) :D
  5. JessiNoel21

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    IMO before even set it up research, research, research I can not tell how many people I've have talked to that rushed into SW had problems from the beginning. Please read the links Monkey give you they will give a idea want goes into having a SW tank. Now do you want a FOWLR or Reef? In a 18 gallon I would do 8lbs Fully Cured LR, 12lbs Dry baserock, 20lbs of LS, 100w heater, a powerhead with 600 gph or more, Nano protein skimmer, API Saltwater test kit or reef kit if doing a reef, Additives if you do a reef, Prime,Refractometer,lighting suitable for SW, sump if you want one, and lid if you want one. I would only do one clown and a CUC and maybe a small goby. Total cost all depends on what you want to do in the tank low end $300 high end $ 2,000. But be advised that with a nano it is more work than a bigger tank and you will want to use RO or RO/DI water cuz Tap water can cuz headaches cuz of all the stuff in it.
  6. OP

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    Wow thank you guys ! So much information it is great !! Sorry I'm just in a rush out the house now but when I get back ill go through it all again :)

    Thankyou for your help !!!!
  7. OP

    Joel2036Valued MemberMember

    I would like to start off just a FOWLR tank just to start because I was told corals are very hard to keep, now I think about it I really think the 50g would be so much better because I think I would just want to upgrade the 20g and 50 would be a lot better for the fish wont it ? When I get home I might have a look around the house and see where I can put some of my other tanks, thank you so much for all the info again monkey you saved me again
    And thank you Ryan and Jess I will deffinatly be getting back to you on how I go !!
    This won't be a rushed tank it will be one I do over a few moths and get everything perfect before I ruin everything ! I want my future nemos to be happy !!!