Newbie with Tank Heater/Thermometer Questions


Hello everyone. I’m new to this forum and need some feedback on a couple of things. I recently received and set up a Marineland 5-gallon portrait tank for a Betta fish. Today, I received a 50-watt Freesea submersible aquarium heater from Amazon. I’m relatively new to setting up a tank and am struggling with where to place the heater and thermometer. Right now, I have the heater submerged in the back compartment where the pump is housed. Based on where the plants are placed in the tank, I felt that this was the only place to put it. My concern is that the heater is resting next to the cord for the pump. Will this cause an issue with damaging the pump cord? Also, I wasn’t sure where the place the thermometer, so I just have it dangling in the tank on the right side. If there is a better place where it should be placed, please let me know. I’d appreciate any help with my questions. I’ve included pictures for reference. Thanks!


I try to place my thermometer as far away from the heater as possible. Figure it gives me a better idea what the water temp is that way. As far as burning the cord, i would try to get some suction cups made for holding cords if possible to help keep it away from the heater or try to run it a different route of possible.


The heater should be in the back compartment in an all in one, the idea of them is to get all the equipment out of sight. It will also make your heater more efficient and keep the tank temperature more even having it in there. If you can get the pump cord pinned on the side of the compartment it would be all the better in case you bump it one day and don't notice it. With the amount of flow you should have in that compartment, you should be fine with any real distance from touching, but I would go with an inch or more if possible. Instead of hunting for suction cups just for cords, I like to take a suction cup with metal hook, pull the metal hook out and zip tie cords, airlines or thermometers to the hole. Super cheap if you buy a bulk pack of suction cups on Amazon, I bought a 50 piece variety pack for like $8 and just huck them when they wear down. Enjoy your tank, it's looks like it could be a very nice starting point to build from.

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