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Hi all! I’ve been following this forum and gotten really helpful tips that I wish I knew before I got my fish. Someone gave me a betta and later found out they got him from petco for free which usually means they’re sick. I was hoping that y’all with more experience could take a look at him so maybe I can figure out what he has and how to help my little guy.


Here he is day one I’m pretty sure he has fin rot but not sure what else to look for? No salt grain looking things so I’m not too worried about ich, and he’s swimming fine so I’m not suspecting SBD. I’m a little worried about velvet. He hasn’t shown any symptoms as far as rubbing up against gravel or anything, and no increased gold sheen with flash, but he has these little gold ish patches on his face. Not sure if they’re normal coloring or if it’s velvet . Pic is about a week later for fin progress too


From my understanding, fin rot is at least an opportunistic infection, so I’ve been focusing on improving his environment and hoping his immune system would kick in. Not sure if I should keep going with this or add in stressguard/paraguard/aq salt/abx. He’s currently in a planted five gallon, 78 with a heater and filter. Been in fish cycling so checking parameters and PWC everyday, although I did add TSS last night which I think means I’d have to not change the water for a week if I read the guide correctly? This morning had .25 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates. pH 8, I know it’s a little high I was trying to get the tank cycled before fixing that, but let me know if I should reprioritize! Food wise I’ve been giving him hikari biogold with an occasional presoaked freeze dried bloodworm.

I was hoping for feedback on
-if you think he has velvet and how to treat
-how to work on fin rot (just keep improving water quality vs adding some treatment)
-any general betta tips to keep him happy and healthy

Thanks !!


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He doesn't have velvet, the patches on his gill plates are very common on male bettas. As for fin rot, i do see it in his future unless steps are taken against it. It looks like he had it at one other time in his life also. I highly recommend adding indian almonds leaves into the aquarium which are antifungals. Never add salt to the water which many say helps because this actually decreases the bettas health. Other than that, just keep the water clean and you should be fine.
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