Newbie with a CAE funny behavior story :)


Newbie here
just found this site while looking up a wierd behavior I could not find any info on.
I saw a post and video of a chinese algae eater and goldfish playing around
Two days ago I saw an algae eater to give online, the guy was giving him away because he had gotten it with a fishtank and did not know what type of fish it was.
I am new to fish and did not know what I was getting myself into
once I got home I started to reasearch and found that he is a chinese algea eater and that they are not good tank mates for goldfish.
Right now, I have a 30 gal with 2 goldfish, and a 30 gal with guppys.
so after reading that they were semi aggressive I had no choice to put him in with my goldfish for now...
my goldfish are single tail commons that swim fast and always play around together. My male is particularly playful and likes to run after my female
she likes it and sometimes pokes him so he starts running after her
So after aclimating the ACE I added him to the tank, and like I thought he swam right behind a cave like pile of rocks I made in my tank.
He stayed there a while, my male goldfish was especially curious, so at one point the CAE started coming out to push back the goldfish from his safe place. Not long after he was going around the tank walls tasting his new home
my goldfish were very interested in him, but were still pretty respectfull and not bugging him too much.
After a few hours he was comfortable in his new tank so he started acting up with the goldfish so I was a bit nervous...
But luckily he was not looking to latch on, but just bump them with his nose like they did to him.
the next day when I got up he stayed hidden for a while. But then he started coming out to join my goldfish who were chasing eachother for fun
I have since been in awe looking at this bad rep fish chasing around with my goldfish, and my goldfish are including him
I thought these fish were bad temper loaners, to find out that mine spends his time out of his cave to play with my goldfish and dance for me on the front window
he literally does circles and 8 for me and it is the most adorable thing knowing the bad rep they have
Now since this is all new, and he still seems a bit young he's about 3-4 inches, I will still be keeping two eyes on this tank to make sure nobody is unhappy overtime.
But hey, for now I have a very social and playfull CAO and I am fascinated with him because he is nothing like described
I would like to ask the guy who had posted that video how things have been since
After this I will go see if I can find more posts from him about the subject

Happy to tell this story to fellow fish lovers who can be as fascinated as I am with this adorable CAE behavior

I will be keeping you updated


It seems like it is going well! Just remembered that the Chinese algae eater is often misunderstood. They do eat algae, but they also need a lot of protein so if you don't give them that protein they will kill your other fish. So I would feed it some shrimp pellets and/or frozen foods such as blood worms or brine shrimp. Also these fish get pretty big and as they get bigger they can get a little territorial, so your fish may eventually need a bigger tank, but as long as you don't see any aggression they should be fine. Good luck!


Yeah I will be keeping a close eye on them, and yes I know that my tank is smaller than recommended, I did not know what kind of algea eater when I got him. I will eventually change my setup and put him in a bigger tank with better tank mates. But for now I am having a blast watching them play all day, and chill out together in the same corners of the aquarium at the same time
He is still on the small side, and my tank needed his deep cleaning skills, so for now he is kept nice and full
I will be getting more protein and algea wafers for him to make sure he is kept full and docile
Thanks for your input
Have a nice day


Welcome to the forum and cute story!



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