Newbie To Cichlids w/Some Questions


Okay so, firstly, my fish are more then fish to me lol. They’re very unique with their own personalities. I wake up in the morning, let my two dogs out to go potty, pour some coffee, walk over to my aqua babies, turn in their light and say good morning. I sing to my fish, I definitely talk to them and they truly interact back with me.
My hubby just got me two beautiful red zebra cichlids, one with a cute little twisty face, a deformity he was born and thrives with (we got him from a personal fish enthusiast who had a large fry and I just fell in love with these two). Twisty Face is sooooo cute!! He/she is the most interactive with me, seeming to do cute dances or something for me to get my attention haha.

My question is: how do I tell if these are male or female? Also, I already had five feeder goldfish in the tank as aqua kids, I knew I took the chance they’d be picked in, however they are not. Is this normal? Can I expect that these five goldfish and two cichlids are now going to ‘grow up together’? Any helpful hints and advicewould be

I’ve attached some photos


Cichlids tend to have cichlid tempers to one degree or another. I think your goldfish will have problems at some point.


Aren’t the water temperature requirements somewhat dramatically different between goldfish and cichlids?

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