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gloria k

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is gloria k. and am fairly new to fish keeping. I had ten tanks of various sizes way back in the 60s but things have changed a lot since then! I am retiring in January and thought it would be a good time to go back to this wonderful hobby.

I started my first tank in Sept., made mistakes and lost fish. I didn't know about cycling. Since then, I have bought the dummy book on tropical fish keeping, borrowed several books from the library on aquarium set up/maintenance, purchased a Red Sea Master kit for water testing, and searched the web for information (thus finding this very informative website).

I now have a total of seven tanks (three of which are waiting to be set up).


Cool sounds like you have your hands full, welcome to fishlore. May I ask what size tanks do you have and what do you have in the ones setup?



Welcome to FishLore! You will fit right in here, so don't be shy!
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gloria k

Thank you for the welcome.

My tanks are:

2.5 - betta

6 gal - hospital/quarantine (this was my original tank and far too small!) I have three recently purchased baby clown loaches in there which are being treated for ICH -- I'm following advice on this forum and am gradually raising the temperature to treat that way. (I tried Quick Cure and that didn't seem to work.)

12 gal. - 2 male, 2 female guppies -- plan to add two more females
25 gal. - 4 red eye tetras, 4 serpae tetras, three bronze cories, 2 small clown loaches

Tanks to be set up:

2 12 gal. -- haven't decided on what I will put in them
25 gal. - probably a pair of dwarf gouramies or African cichlids

In the future (after I move!):

75-100 gal. community
My dream: 100 gallon saltwater


Welcome to FishLore!1 We have people of all ages and experience levels from all over the world come on in


Welcome to Fishlore! All of your tanks' fish combinations sound good.


Though eventually the clown loaches will need a larger home, talk to Butterfly all about them she knows a lot though clowns are slow growers. If you think you have room two more tetras in each might not be bad to give them some more friends though not sure how much bio-load your getting may not have room. Sound like you know a lot about what your doing, maybe your really not a newbie ;D


Welcome to Fish Lore, Gloria


Welcome to Fishlore to you and I see we have a new Betta to add to our community. (I keep track of our Bettas.....with a lot of help) You will have to stop by the Betta board and introduce him there and we will all welcome him. We treat them pretty much like little kids there as they act like them.

Glad to have you here and hope you have a happy time retiring from one retiree to another. It is nice to have fish to stay home with...they make lovely companions.



Welcome to Fishlore,I am sure you can find all the info you need at this site.

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