Newbie questions: HLLE, clownfish ID, future growth, clear worms

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    Hi all! I already have three healthy 55 gallon set ups, two with plants, but I need some advice on a salt tank that practically fell into my lap!

    Last Sunday ( today being Friday ) I bought a 29 gallon salt tank on craigslist. It has one of those marineland all-in-one eclipse 3 hoods. The tank was long established but poorly maintained I believe as the salinity was low, the bio-wheel was missing (reported to be falling apart and thus disposed of by seller ), and the sailfin tang included has HLLE . The water parameters I measured were 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 40 nitrates. pH around 7.8 or 8. Local tap water is 7.8 here. Temp is 79 degrees F. I kept all included water for the move, and kept the live rock and sand wet during transport. I am watching for an ammonia spike, but I am hoping I am in the clear.

    After topping off the tank the salinity was at 1.0165. Tuesday I did a 4 gallon water change and brought it up to 1.0175. I plan to do 4 gallon water changes every 3 days until I get to 1.024. My local reef store advised as high as 1.025 due to our 5500 feet elevation. Once at 1.024 I plan just 4 gallons weekly.

    The tank has one snail about 1 inch round, one horseshoe crab, three clownfish ( either Percula or Ocellaris), one yellowtail blue damselfish and the pacific sailfin tang with HLLE.

    The tang was being fed Seaweed Salad green algae sheets and Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes. The tang did not eat for four days but has now eating New Life Spectrum Thera-A 1mm pellets. I am also doing the Seaweed Salad soaked in Selcon every other day, but I haven't seen the tang eating it. I am also letting the tank get some indirect sunlight during the day as I read that can be beneficial to tangs or HLLE victims. I forget which.

    Pictures of all attached.

    I am looking for answers to a few specific questions as well as general advice as I am just diving into salt.

    My questions:

    How bad does my tang's HLLE look, and am I doing everything I can to help him survive and get well?

    Can anyone tell from the pics if I have Percula or Ocellaris clowns?

    The tang is now about 3.5 inches. How soon may I need a larger tank, and how big to house the growing tang and crab?

    What are the clear "worms" growing on my live rock. They look like they are attached to the rock and are about 1cm long and maybe 1-2mm wide.

    Do I need to try and feed the crab or is the detritus and Selcon leeching into the water enough?

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    the hlle is not that bad , a few things that contribute to hlle is stress, poor diet, poor water conditions,, and you seem to be getting on top og this , yes natural sunlight does help hlle , a few things you can do to help your tang is dose some iodine, soak food in a vitamin supplement with b12 vitamins , as b12 will help your fish build a better immune system, or if your fish is strong enough , treat in a qt with copper ,

    You will need to upgrade or rehome him rather soon a 100 gal tank is reccomended for a sailfin and this could be adding to the stress of the fish and adding to the hlle problem,,

    Percula or Ocellaris clowns? count its dorsal fin spines percs have 10 and ocellaris have 11, but from the picture i would say its a ocellaris

    as for the last picture i cant remember the name at the moment ( its 5 am here and brain fried) but they are nothing to worry about ,, when i remember i will add to post,,
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    Great news about the HLLE thanks! Bad news is he appears to have marine ich as well now. Gonna keep feeding him the garlic laced food, and vacuum the tank twice a week as I am raising the salinity. I also bought a cleaner shrimp and I put my micron filter in the tank. The micron filter really did a great job of clearing ich from my tiger barb tank.
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    you dont raise salinity for ich you lower it ,,, and raise the tempraure to speed up the life cycle of the ick spores, if it has 2 problems i would copper treat it in a qt tank ,, and hope its strong enough to survive treatment