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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by JMulligan, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. JMulliganNew MemberMember

    55 gallon freshwater tank.
    Aqua top uv canister filter
    Submersible heater
    2 air stone
    Used media In filter from person who I got tank from.

    Tank set up Monday April 3rd with tap water.

    Ammonia was zero and ph was 7.1 out of tap using API master test kit out of tap.

    Added API quick start and api water conditioner to tank on the 3rd along with 15 live plants and driftwood from local aquarium store. (I didnt test again till the 8th)

    On the 8th ph was 7.2 and ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate .10ppm.

    I added some fish on the morning of 9th. Ooooooops I think I gooofed up.

    Now I was advised to add micro bacteria to tank so I did.........

    Last night I did water test and p.h at 8.2 way ammonia last night. 25ppm.....nitrite 0 and nitrate 10 to 20ppm.

    I stopped feeding the fish and stopped with the daily shot of flourish excel I was told would be beneficial to green plants in tank. I figured continually adding all thus stuff can't be good.

    So today I'm at about an 8.0 for PH slightly down from last night

    Ammonia .25 to .50 ppm that's the one that scares me.

    Nitrite still zero and nitrate 10 to 20 ppm.

    What should I do???? I've read slot about 25% and 50% water changes but not certain if I would benefit from that approach????won't that just delay the cycle by removing the ammonia for the bacteria to eat preventing the aquarium from completing cycle???

    Any help is appreciated. I've lost a ghost shrimp but other fish are looking good.
  2. JRSWell Known MemberMember

    I am a relative newbie too, though I have been through a lot this past month. I can start to help and hopefully other can chime in.

    Do you have Seachem Prime? That will make the ammonia, nitrites and nitrate safe for the fish for 24-48 hours. Then you can redose every day or other day.

    Water changes are fine at this stage with the fish in cycle. The BB (beneficial bacteria) is in the filter on the filter media.

    Also, welcome to Fishlore. These people are awesome and have literally saved my fish.

    Make sure when you add new water that you put in a dechlorinator and the temperature is the same as the water in the tank. Are you using a liquid test kit or strips? Strips aren't the most accurate. I would agree with not feeding today. I would say every other day for the time being unless someone smarter than me disagrees.
    I don't know anything about Flourish as I only have fake plants at this point.

    @AngelTheGypsy @Punkin Is there a good thread for cycling with fish?
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  3. PunkinWell Known MemberMember

    @JRS I have only cycled with TSS+ and found the thread very helpful. Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart
    I am not experienced on cycling with fish while doing daily testing and water changes so I am not sure what the right balance of water changes and dosing of quick start the OP would use. I believe CindiL is an expert cycler. What can't she do? :)
  4. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I couldn't do a fish in cycle without Seachem Prime. If you have Prime I would dose the tank and recheck tomorrow. If you don't have Prime, I would do a 50% water change with whatever declorinater you have. With Prime I wait till the levels read about 1.0 because I do want more bacteria to grow. If you don't have it, the fish won't handle ammonia that high.
  5. Da_MOJOValued MemberMember

    Just keep doing your PWC daily and that should resolve your water parameter issues. I would alternate the amounts tho, 50% one day, 20% the next, 50%....and so on. This helped my cycle tremendously. Just my .2 cents ;)
  6. KasshanWell Known MemberMember

    you can add flourish excel daily if you have lots of plants. flourish is easily broken down to its constituents in a lighted aquarium. it has a half life of hours so it can be safely dosed daily until youve achieved your goal which is mainly for killing algae, but you dont need that step yet, since your tank is new.

    kimberly's suggestion for the use of "Prime" is excellent. its an essential chemical tool for the hobby,

    also because i am a cheapskate i seed my tanks with the squeezed out stuff from a sponge from a friends established filter. ive also used the brown stuff collected from a gravel vac also from an established aquarium. its just bacteria water afterall, i figure why waste $ on it
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  7. MTSRandyValued MemberMember

    I would do 50% water changes and add prime and seachem stability to the tank every day until your ammonia is below .25 then you can just dose prime and stability daily for 7 days. If the ammonia isn't coming down and staying down I would continue doing water changes weekly unless you get back to .5 then do 50% changes daily. Its what I have read on here and done myself. It worked. Once ammonia and nnlitrites are zero with a safe nitrate level you should be cycled.
  8. JMulliganNew MemberMember

    Wow! The abundance of information on this group is priceless. I wish I would have found before I started tank. From what I have gathered I need seachum prime and stability as well as a 50% water change. Continue to do this daily till my ammonia is below.25ppm....then proceed for a week or so treating with just prime and stability

    I'm using a master test kit not strips...thanks for the info I'm doing a 50%water change now and headed to shop to get Prime and stability tomorrow .

    Thank you for your help!!!!! I will keep you posted.
  9. MTSRandyValued MemberMember

    We are all here to help. We all may not agree on the "right" way to do it but we provide you plenty of options. We all have the best intentions and that is to help grow this hobby and learn new practices and learn about fish we may never have thought about. I never new what a GBR (german blue ram) until I started reading here. Now I have one and can't wait to add another.