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    Hello my name is Alex and this is the second saltwater tank I've owned so I'm still pretty much new to this I have a 28 gallon nano cube I keep all my parameters in check and do my weekly water changes I'm looking for some advice toward what kind of corals I can add to this tank to make it really pop I'm planning on just keeping the clownfish and the goby as well as adding a BTA. So any advice on beginner corals would really be appreciated

    Current stock
    1 shadow clownfish
    1 snowflake clownfish
    1 blue velvet damsel (rehoming to a new tank)
    1 watchmen goby
    2 peppermint shrimp
    A couple of blue legged crabs and margarita
    I also have a small hammer coral frag and a Kenya tree frag as well as a green star polyp frag[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].
    Note: this tank is about 3 months old I first introduced the coraline algae on the shells of the margarita snails and now it's everywhere
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    Welcome to Fishlore, nice tank :) hope one of our salty members can help you today
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    Forum is useless no help at all!
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    I apologize you havent recieved any recommendations yet, I dont think we have all too many Saltwater aquarists compared to a more specialized forum.

    I'm afraid all I would be able to say is the difference between soft and hard corals, ...

    In reality, corals depend on your lighting, and water parameters which you havent supplied.
    TexasDomer @Oldsalt

    Can you give an opinion or know our salty friends?