Newbie Ish...


I'm thinking of getting a tank.... Been looking at tanks and such...
This will be my first tank in a very, very long time....
My brother used to have a huge tank in his room and I do remember trips to the fish market, changing water etc... I even used to have a tank in my bedroom
Fish care has changed a bit since.... I understand the fishless cycle etc,
I do remember cleaning the tank with salt, and scrubbing vigorously... Any change on that? I found some one selling a nice tank nearby and was wondering if that was a good idea anymore


Hey! Welcome to FishLore!

Congrats on the new tank! Hopefully you'll have a positive experience after taking a long break of keeping tanks.

Nope, I believe salt can still be used to scrub with, but mostly vinegar is used now.


Firstly Welcome,

I would wash it out then give it a rub down with white vinegar and then a good wash out and you should be good to go


Agree with the comments above, if it is used. Make sure it holds water for a few days. If it is a new, never used tank, you can probably rinse several times with hot water.
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