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  1. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Sorry but there's too much wrong with this advice.

    First, if you add a bacterial supplement you need to add the fish right away. If you wait and leave the bacteria without an ammonia source they're probably going to die.

    Second the fish weren't gold gouramis. In the course of this thread they were positively identified as a variant of WCMM. So, not nearly so bad!

    Third, substrate is not essential. The vast majority of the bacteria grow in the filter where there's higher oxygen and nutrient flow. There will be a few sticking to other surfaces but not a significant number.
  2. FishRockFrogBit21

    FishRockFrogBit21 Valued Member Member

    Sorry but I know this not to be true as I did not add fish right away with my tank when I added a bacteria starter. I said it "should" help. I added my bacteria days before I added my fish after waiting a week after adding plants and snails. Also in my experience substrate does help. I shouldn't have said a requirement, but it does help keeping your bacteria going if you were to ever do something wrong with your filter that you shouldnt have.

    I read the thread and went off what facts were stated. In the course of the thread should not matter here. If the proper fish had been updated what they actually were it should have been updated there. In the first thread. I read it and gave my advice that is all.

    So in my advice this is what they could do and what has worked for me.
    sorry it doesnt work for you, but this is a forum. So if you would like to continue to argue about the advice I have given please message me in my inbox instead of trying to completely make everything I have said invaluable. Thank you.

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  3. R

    Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    That makes sense. Since you had the snails producing ammonia, the bacteria didn't die like it would have if you didn't have snails or fish.
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Looks like people have forgotten the OP.
    Let's not confuse the issue with side debates about other tanks and concentrate on theirs.
  5. OP

    AnnH2 New Member Member

    so an update, I've read a bit about betta fish and think of all the possible fish that one will be happiest in my little biorb. I've bought a tank heater that they make and the water is now 75 degrees. I also bought some more ceramic media and a couple small plants from a local fish store. They aren't dead yet, so that's good. :p I put a 'jump start' liquid in there too. So far the tank is slowly building ammonia so I guess it will be a couple more weeks. I took the plastic plants out as they are supposed to be hard on a betta's fins. I don't have anything but the led lights but thought maybe one of those moss balls might be able to live. I'd like another plant, but without real light I'm not sure what else will work. I don't want to crowd the tank. I wonder about the 'current' caused by the filter, it looks pretty strong. I read that betta fish don't like a strong current so I wonder how I can turn the filter down a bit?
  6. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Depending on how the filter is built you may be able to make a diy baffle for it!

    As for your light, a smaller variety of Anubias would probably do well. Same with Java Ferns or Java moss!
  7. emersongalicia

    emersongalicia New Member Member

    6 gourami’s in a 4G tank is a little too much, I would say 1 is ideal but they like to swim in straight shots from the ones I owned (as well as going up to breach the surface). Those dwarf guoramis grow to about 4 inches as well. I agree that size tank is good for a beta, I have one planted and it looks really nice.
  8. LittleMissSaasha

    LittleMissSaasha New Member Member

    4g is far too small for gouramis, even little sparkling gouramis