15 Gallon Tank Newbie here, hoping it's not TOO obvious!


I'm new to the Hobbie though my parents kept fish when I was younger, and I was partially involved in maintenance and care. Started extensive research and bough a tank recently. I always adored fish and even admired them, but was chased and dissuaded from the hobby at the thought/memories of deep cleaning fishtank as a kid and scooping fish carcasses out of the tanks. After a decade and a fortnight of research, I realized my parents had it all twisted, we were doing thing the hard and (more importantly) wrong way. Armed with new information and bought, cycled and stocked my 15 gallon. Along with "hobbyists must-haves". And have needed every item but the salt already. It's great to be prepared.

Anywho, this site kept coming up during my insomniac research phase, so I figured I'd join the community, and the rest is history ✌
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Welcome your tank looks nice. Whats your stock?


Welcome!! Certainly a fun possible addiction coming your way!




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