10 Gallon Tank Newbie first attempt


Heres my first tank setup only little but I think ive caught the bug. Got some guppies, danios, corydoras and a couple of shrimp. My first design looked a lil childish/girly so I went for a more natural design.

The corys seem to love the sand and are rooting around.

Can anyone identify the live plant I got? I'm not sure what it is.


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The tank looks great!.
I don't know plants, but I'm sure some one can ID it for you.


Natural always looks better IMO

Not sure on the plant, but you've done a good job.


Nah, dude, it looks great.


You may want to repost your question in the aquarium plants forum.


not that bothered about what plant it is just wanted to be able to put in my tank description, sad I know lol


I think it is java fern. Its a great beginner plant, super duper hardy stuff, and grows great in low light. Tank looks great!


for you first setup it looks nice!!

I remember when I first set up my first tank which wasn't tooooooo long ago but I kept changing it for at least a few weeks till I was happy with it. Now my tank is like a forest...



nice tank setup I started about a year and a half ago. I think your plants a amozon sword I am not too sure looking at it from here.


Hmm, I don't think its Java fern, mine doesn't grow so long - its more bushy.


Your tank looks awesome! How big is it?


yeah that's a nice looking setup u have there. Well if ya can't figure out what plant you have goole up aquatic plants and go from there. you should be able to go through pictures and maybe see what ya got.


Thanks for all the feedback, the tanks a 30 litre. What the person selling said it was anyway

aquariumgirl lauren

Yea your tank is AMAZING!!! But as the plant goes I'm not sure, but it's not java fern

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