1. supanova

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    Well after a massive fish death I'm looking to do a different group of fish, I previously did fresh community and I'm thinking of African cichlids or mubna cichlids "I think that's a group" lol you can tell this is a foreign world for me. I'm looking for a hardy type fish cause I often go on weekend trips. Please anyone shove information at me, I'm not sure where to start or if anything is really super different, just let me know everything I must know

    Ps. I have a Very clear understanding of cycling
  2. Sarah73

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    If you are good with cycling why did you have a big death? To much nitrites or nitrates? Or even ammonia? Let's start their

  3. fisharegreat8962

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    It might not be that, let's not jump to conclusions here. It could have been a disease.

    It would be helpful if you provided us with some information about this massive fish death, and I know what your thinking, "Can you please just tell me about my hardy fish," but if it was a disease, you'll need to change out the water completely and give the tank a very deep cleaning, rinse and clean the gravel and any decor or fake plants you have in there. If it was a disease, you'll have to take these cautious measures to be sure you don't transfer anything to any new fish or creatures you buy. Now if it wasn't a disease, then what was it? From what I understand, you have a clear understanding of cycling, so were you keeping up with your water changes? Were you overfeeding? There's a billion reasons your fish could have died, but you see my point here? We haven't been given enough information.

    Now, as far as new fish go, you'll probably need to tell us how many gallons/liters your tank is for us to give you some suggestions. If you're thinking about Mbuna Cichlids, here's a really good informative page about them, and if you scroll a little to the bottom, there's more info you'll need on them:

    Wishing you and your fishies the best!
  4. OP

    supanova Valued Member Member

    It was a heater accident... Nothing I had control over guys. Trust me I have 350 gallons of filtration on this tank and it's fully planted and I still do two 25% changes a week. Trust me it's crushing and if I could have done something about it I would have but my heater reaching 103F I could not help

    It's a standard 55 gallon, sand, 3 canister filters on it, great lights, fully planted in wisteria.... A great tank the fish I had in it made it a real sight... I lost about half my fish I will admit it was smally over stocked but not over crowded. Nirates stayed at 0-5ppm testing 2 twice a week