New Zealand Mining disaster

Nick G
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Some of you may have seen in the news over the past few days that there was an explosion in a mine here in NZ on friday, with 29 miners trapped underground. This afternoon there has been a second explosion in the mine, and it is now believed there are no survivors. The mine is very close to where I live here, in a small community, and the whole country is obviously devastated by the news. Please spare a moment in your thoughts and prayers for the familys involved in this terrible tragedy.
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Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. I will keep them in my prayers...
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So sad...
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That's terrible. I'm so sorry. Will definitely keep the families in my thoughts.
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The poor families of these miners

Both the miners and their families will be in my thoughts.
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Just heard, it's confirmed that they didn't make it. :'(
My prayer is that all the families and friends find the strength to get through this horrible time in their lives.
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I just finished reading the update on msnbc. My heart absolutely goes out to those affected by this senseless disaster.

This is quite obviously a much more dangerous profession than I would have believed before but with the number of mine disasters occurring recently, I've become really grateful that I do not have loved ones in a mining community. We are not thankful enough to the fine people who do this type of work. This is the perfect time of year to remember them, even without the disasters. :'(
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How terribly sad. The last updates I heard were yesterday afternoon, before the second explosion. I have been following this story and was certainly hoping to hear better news.
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I heard this too, we discussed it at lunchtime (for us in UK anyway) and everyone was shocked as we all hoped they would make it.

My thoughts are with your country and the friends and family at this difficult time.
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Thoughts and prayers Nick. We were hoping for a different outcome.
Now I hope and pray that they can recover the miners, and make sure they get a proper send off and give the families some closure.
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This is a real Tragedy Nick. I will keep them in my prayers. I am also hoping they at very least recover the miners bodies so they can have a proper send off and RIP. That poor 17 year old boy begged his boss to let him work that day and now look what has happened to him. I hope the miners(if they are dead because I still hope they arent) died instantly after the first blast then atleast they had a quick death because I would hate to think they suffocated on the toxic gases and had a slow painful death.

RIP to the men who were doing their job for the best of their countries economy


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Terribly tragic news.

May God hold close the miners and comfort the families, friends, and community they've left behind.
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That's terrible... do they know what caused it?
Nick G
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No, not yet. The explosion was caused by a build up of flammable gas in the mine, but they don't know how the gas levels got so high or how they ignited yet. For now they're just concentrating on how to get into the mine and retrieve the miners bodies so their families can have some closure.
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